Wifi Setup

Select Wifi Setup from the Wireless Setup menu to display the Wifi Setup menu. This menu provides access to Ingenico screens that can be used to configure Wifi as follows:


    This button is a toggle to enable or disable Wifi.

Scan networks

    This button will scan for all available and non-hidden networks. The PIN Pad will display a list of the networks found.
    Select a network from this list. (To access a network not detected by scanning, select Other at the end of the list and define the SSID manually.) Follow the prompts to complete configuration.

Advanced Options

    Selecting this button will provide access to the following functions:

    My Networks

      This button allows the user to manage configured networks, as follows:

      Force use

        Force use is used to assign the highest priority to the selected network.


        Select to delete the definition of this network.


        Select to modify this network definition as follows:

        Access Point Visibility

          Select Visible or Hidden. A network will only be detected during scanning if this parameter is set to Visible.

        Security Type

          Select Home Security or Enterprise Security.

        Wifi Password

          Enter a password.


        Select to connect to the POS using this network.

      IP configuration

        Select to report on IP configuration values.

    Default IP Configuration

      Use to configure IP communications.

      Note that Ethernet configuration for Wifi can be performed either here or under Network Setup.

    Active Roaming

      Select this item to display a screen used to enable/disable active roaming.

    SSID Status

      Select this item to modify whether the SSID is displayed on the Status Bar.

      Not available on all systems.