Terminal Setup

The Terminal Setup menu displays the current values of parameters used in the operation of the PIN Pad, excluding communications parameters. Most parameters shown in this menu are read-only. This menu can be used as follows:

Access Terminal Setup

  1. Select Terminal Setup on the Elavon Main Menu to display the Terminal Setup menu.

  2. Scroll down to display more items.

Available Parameters


View the Merchant Preferred Language. (0=English. 1=French)


View available languages. (en = English. fr = French. enfr = English/French. fren = French/English). This parameter is used for EMV and Pay at the Table transactions, as follows:

  • EMV – A list of Customer Preferred Languages is read from the EMV card and compared with the value(s) in AllowedLang. The tender will be processed using the first match between Customer Preferred Language and AllowedLang. If there is no match, the Merchant Preferred Language will be used.

  • Pay@Table – For transactions in Canada: After Pre-Pay server interaction, the customer will be prompted to select a language to be used for customer interaction (through receipt printing). The available languages in this prompt are defined by AllowedLang.


View the default currency. (USD840 = US$; CAD124 = Canadian $) The seventh byte defines the number of currency decimal places.


View the format used for dates.


View/modify the PIN Pad’s internal date.


View/modify the PIN Pad’s internal time.

Associate Base:

Renew PINpad/base association. (Only available on the iWL250.) After selecting Associate Base, a message will be displayed indicating the result of the attempted re-association.