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  • Using Elavon Setup Menus

    Each parameter name is followed by a colon (:) followed by the current value of the parameter. E.g. DHCP:0

    When a setup menu is displayed, the first parameter on the screen is selected by default.

    If the value of a Simplify parameter is changed, the re-displayed setup menu displays the updated value.

    Pressing the Cancel (red) key returns to the Elavon Main Menu without changing anything.

  • Using Elavon Data Entry Screens

    All data entry screens accessed through the Elavon Main Menu initially display the current value of the parameter. This value is automatically overwritten by any entered data.

    Pressing the Enter (green) key saves the entered data and displays the updated setup menu.

    Pressing the Cancel (red) key discards any change and re-displays the setup menu.

    Pressing the Clear (yellow) key deletes the last character entered on this screen. Pressing the Clear key again will delete additional characters from the right, one character at a time.

    To enter a letter on the PIN pad, key in the applicable number (example: 2 for A, B or C) and repeat quickly to toggle through its associated letters.