Non-Touchscreen Models

  • Accessing the Elavon Sub Menu

    Reboot the PIN Pad by pressing the Clear and .,#* keys until a happy face appears in the upper left corner of the screen. The Elavon Sub Menu can be accessed by pressing the Enter (green) key during bootup whenever a rectangle is present in the lower right corner of the screen. On the iPP350, this rectangle is a white circle on a green background. On the iPP320, this rectangle appears as follows:

  • Using Elavon Menus

    A menu item can be selected by keying the item number or by scrolling to the item and pressing the Enter (green) key. The up and down keys are used for scrolling.

    If a scroll bar (iWLxxx) or arrow (IPPxxx) appears in the lower right corner, more parameters are available after the first screen. These items can be made visible by scrolling as described above.

  • Entering Dots

    To type a dot on data entry screens, use the .,#* key.

  • Timeout

    To save battery life, iWLxxx screens timeout after a 60 second idle.