Supported Features

Supported tender types: • Credit
• Debit - for version 2.02.026 and higher, includes Interac Debit (in Canada only)
• Gift Card
• EBT Food Stamp and EBT Cash
• Cash Tender (currently for Puerto Rico only)
EMV Supported in U.S and Canada (supported with Interac for some TPPs)
Pay@Table Supported in U.S. and Canada (for all supported tender types)
Supported transaction types: • Authorization Only (tokenization supported)
• Sale (tokenization supported)
• Prior-Authorized Sale (Completion)
• Return
• Void Sale
• Transaction Inquiry
• Gift Card
• Request for Token
• Full Authorization Reversal
• Incremental Authorization
• Void Return
Additional supported features: Card Entry:
• Swiped
• Key-entered
• Contactless magstripe emulation
• Contact or contactless EMV
Application download: via HEM/IngEstate
Communications between POS and Simplify:
• RS-232 (including USB emulation)
Communication to Fusebox
• TCP/IP – Encrypted based on Fusebox security requirements
• Fusebox certificate
Configuration using Elavon Menu
Voltage or On-Guard End to End Encryption
Signature Capture
Scrolling Receipt
Status Message to the POS
Batch Close Support
On-Device SAF supported for:
• Card Present
• Sale, Refund, Auth Only
• Credit AID (no PINblock)