Payments Core 365 Overview

Payments Core 365TM is a data file that contains your funded transaction information. The file is delivered daily in the same format, enabling you to customize your analytics, charts, and tables. Once you have the Payments Core 365 file, you'll have everything you need to reconcile your internal numbers and direct demand accounts.

Payments Core 365 connects fund, batch, and transaction-level data in a single file, allowing you to:

• Determine if all transactions were paid and research those that were not.

• Reconcile accounts in a way that can be automated.

• Gain visibility into your payment processing mix to optimize processing costs.

• Track the acceptance cost to the business.

• Get granular with chargebacks to determine win/lose ratio and isolate risky locations.

We use a secure FTP to transfer your file through Elavon's SFTP server. Files can be sent in .txt or .csv format.

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