Fusebox Overview

Fusebox® is Elavon’s secure, flexible, hosted payment gateway. It provides a single interface for delivering payments securely across all business locations to any choice of payment processors.

Fusebox is built on a foundation of these key elements:

  • Security. The hosted environment ensures that cardholder data is stored behind our firewall, and incorporates the latest data security technologies that exceed the most stringent PCI and PA-DSS requirements and industry compliance standards.

  • Stability. The core platform is built on proven, dependable, and redundant switch technology that delivers maximum uptime.

  • Connectivity. Interfaces with a vast array of partners and certified transaction processors, giving customers the freedom of choice.

  • Simplicity. It’s easy to add new locations, implement system upgrades and maintain version control across your enterprise.

Get Started

Get Started

Get information on test account creation, transaction sequencing and sending your first request to Fusebox.

Get Started

Learn the API

Learn details of the API through transaction types.

Learn the API

Get Specific

Review our industry and integration-specific topics as they relate to your implementation.

Review concepts

Integration Timeline

Project Kick-off

Choose your integration method, define your scope, read the documentation, and create a test account


Develop your application

Test and Certify

Test all transaction types in the demo environment Work with Solution Engineers to solve any problems Complete certification test cases


Support your site in production

What's New

Puerto Rico support

Functionalities that support Elavon E4 customers based in Puerto Rico.

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Check Payment Integration

Added ACH check processing support to Elavon's E4 interface.

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Tokens eliminate or limit the need to store sensitive card-holder data.

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Contact Us

  • If you would like more information to get started with us, or if you are new and need assistance with certification, please email websales@elavon.com.

  • If you have an existing account and need assistance with transaction issues, please contact us at 1-800-377-3962, or by emailing #SEDevPortalSupport@elavon.com.

  • If you are integrating to Fusebox and need assistance, please contact your Integration Analyst.