Simplify Error Messages

Simplify Response Codes

For customers using a terminal with the Simplify application, on some occasions a transaction will receive an error directly from Simplify. In these cases, the transaction produced an error the terminal level before being sent online to Fusebox for processing or it was declined/unsuccessful during the final EMV processing.

Simplify Response Code API Field 1003Simplify Response Text
API Field 1010
Response Description
0003*SLR COMMUNICATIONS ERRORThe terminal was unable to communicate with the gateway.
0007*SLR NO MATCHING RECORDSThere was no matching transaction on file with same account, amount and reference number.
0016*SLR FINAL $ TOO LRGThe amount of the prior authorization is greater than the total authorized amount.
0041*SLR BAD ACCT NUMBERThe account number in API field 0003 is invalid.
0047*SLR BAD CARD TYPEThe card type or tender type of the account in API field 0003 is invalid for the merchant.
0049*SLR BAD EXPIRATIONThe expiration date in API field 0004 is invalid.
0088*SLR SWITCH TIMEOUTThe transaction sent to the Gateway and/or Third Party Processor timed out waiting for a response.
0174*SLR ACCOUNT NOT TOKEN ELIGIBLEThe account data provided in API field 0003 is not eligible for a token.
0208*SLR INCOMPLETE PINThe PIN entry was not completed on the terminal.
0208*SLR CANCEL KEY PRESSEDThe cancel key was pressed on the terminal.
0254*ICC EMV CANCELED TRANSThe EMV transaction was cancel.
0255*ICC EMV CARD ERRORThere was an error with processing the EMV transaction.
0258*ICC CARD STILL PRESENTThe EMV card was not removed from the card reader after the transaction.
0260*ICC EMV UNDEFINED STATUSThe EMV card processing was unsuccessful.
0264*ICC EMV DECLINEDThe EMV card or terminal declined the transaction.