Gateway Response Codes

On each transaction response, Fusebox returns a Gateway Response Code (API Field 1003) and Gateway Response Text (API Field 1010). The response code is to be evaluated by the integrated POS/PMS system to determine if a transaction was successful or not.

Field 1003 Code Field 1010 Text Description
0000 COMPLETE Transaction was successful and approved on line (if applicable).
0005 DUPLICATE The transaction is a duplicate of a previously successful transaction based on the same account number, amount, reference number and locator values.
0016 Final $ TOO LRG The amount of the prior authorization is greater than the total authorized amount
0022 EMPTY BATCH There are no transactions for settlement within the batch.
0037 CANNOT READ There is invalid data within the transaction that prevents it from being read and processed.
0041 BAD ACCT NUMBER The account number in API field 0003 is invalid
0043 BAD TRAN AMOUNT The amount value in API field 0002 is invalid
0044 BAD AUTH AMT The total authorized amount value in API field 0128 is invalid
0046 BAD CARD INFO The card number or track data in API field 0003 is invalid
0047 BAD CARD TYPE The card type or tender type of the account in API field 0003 is invalid for the merchant
0049 BAD EXPIRATION The expiration date in API field 0004 is invalid.
0054 BAD REF NBR The reference number in API field 0007 is invalid.
0057 INVALID TERM ID The locator values in API fields 0109, 8003, or 8006 are incorrect or invalid.
Processor Response Text (varies by TPP)
The transaction type in API field 0001 is invalid.
0060 Processor Response text (Varies by TPP) The transaction was not approved by the Third Party Processor.
0067 MISSING REQ FLD A required API field is missing for this transaction.
0088 SWITCH TIMEOUT The transaction sent to the Third Party Processor timed out waiting for a response.
0097 INVALID DATA There is invalid data within one or more API fields of this transaction.
0099 ERROR CODE: ### = [Internal Error Text (Varies) ] The transaction was unsuccessful for while processing.
0100 BAD_DCC_ELG_FLAG The DCC Eligibility Flag in API field 0151 is invalid.
0166 SWITCH DOWN The Third Party Interface is unable to connect and process transactions to the host.
0173 TRAN NOT ALLOWED The transaction type in API field 0001 is not supported for this merchant or allowed within the transaction life cycle.
0182 HOST NOT FOUND The Third Party host is not available process transactions.
0244 TOKEN NOT FOUND The token provided in API field 0003 was not found and could not be detokenized for processing.
0280 VOLTAGE ERROR Decryption of the account data using Voltage failed.
0281 Verifone ERROR Decryption of the account data using Verifone failed.
0282 PROTEGRITY ERROR The Tokenization/Detokenization of the account data using Protegrity failed.
0283 SAFETY ERROR Tokenization or Encryption processing failed.
0284 VOLTAGE COMPLETE The Voltage Encryption Initialization was successful.
0285 Verifone COMPLET The Verifone Encryption Initialization was successful.
0286 CARD NOT ENCRYPT The card/track data in API field 0003 is not encrypted when it is expected to be encrypted based on merchant setup.
0287 BAD_DCC_RATE The DCC Conversion Rate in API field 0150 is invalid.
0288 BAD_DCC_EXPONENT The DCC Conversion Rate Exponent in API field 0159 is invalid.
0289 BAD_DCC_MARKUP The DCC Markup Percentage in API field 0165 is invalid.
0290 BAD_DCC_OPTION The DCC Eligibility Flag in API field 0151 is invalid.
0291 BAD_DCC_POS_CAP The DCC POS Capability in API field 0169 is invalid
0300 BAD_CURRENCY_CDE The DCC Currency Code in API field 0140 or 0142 is invalid.
0301 BAD_DCC_AMT The DCC Amount in API field 0144 is invalid.
0302 ON GUARD ERROR Decryption of the account data using On Guard failed.