Error Messages

Elavon calls the API Fields 1003, 1004, 1009, 1010, 1000, and 1339 “the Final 6.” The messages returned in these fields determine the success or failure of the transaction.

Field and DescriptionDefinition
1003 - Elavon Gateway Response CodeA code (up to 4 characters) that allows the POS application to determine the result of the transaction. See examples below.
1004 - Host Response MessageThis message is the TPP or host (or system external to the Elavon Gateway) mapped to the value returned in API Field 1009 to provide a verbose response.
1009 - Host Response CodeThis code is the TPP or host code passed back to the Elavon Gateway application.
1010 - Elavon Gateway Response MessageThe verbose description of the Elavon Gateway response code from an internal table.
1000 - Card Type - Two Character Abbreviation of the Card Type, returned in the API response message.Valid Values for Credit Card Transactions:
AX - American Express
MC - Master Card
VI - Visa
DI - Discover
DC - Dinner’s Club
JC - Japanese Credit Bureau
Valid Values for Other Tender Types:
DB - Debit
EB - Electronic Benefit Transfer
CK - Check
SF - Synchrony Financial Private Label Cards
GV - Givex Gift Cards
VL - Valulink Gift Cards
VC - Valutec Gift Cards
SV - Stored Value Gift Cards
1339 - Card Issuer Response CodeCode returned from the card brand issuer that indicates the reason a transaction was unsuccessful and what further actions may be taken.
* If this field is returned, the POS must evaluate field 1000 to determine the card type and display the Card Type and Card Issuer Response Code to the end user.
* Merchants must then follow the rules and guidelines for that response code established by the card brand.


As of June 2021, only Visa has a set of rules for response codes. See Visa Best Practices Guide for Response Codes (Dated July 2019) for more information. Contact your account manage for a copy of the guide.

Example Fusebox responses for field 1003

Field 1003 ValueResponse in Field 1010Description
0 or 0000Successful and ApprovedThe communication was successful and any file updates required by this processor were completed successfully. Any value not equal to “0” or “0000” indicates an unsuccessful transaction.
60 or 0060Successful but Not ApprovedThe communication was successful but the Host response did not match the processor’s template of an approved or successful transaction. This transaction response likely indicates a “DECLINE” or some other “USER INTERVENTION REQUIRED” response. It is recommended that you don’t retry this transaction again.
-5DUPLICATE ERRORNeed official description here
-7NO MATCHING RECORDS (If the failure response code does not begin with a ‘-’ sign, it indicates a system error.)
4COMMUNICATIONS FAILURENeed official description here
49INVALID EXPIRATION DATE FIELD #0004Need official description here


If your application provides AVS and CVV2 or CVC2 or CID information as part of the input request, your application should include the appropriate logic to allow the merchant to approve or decline the transaction based on the result code(s).

Fusebox has an optional service that can be certified with the POS and activated where AVS and CVV2 or CVC2 or CID values are validated and declined to the POS appropriately.

Third Party Processor Responses

When Field 1003 = 0060, the transaction was not approved online by the TPP. Often the reason or possible recommended action is provided by the host.

Field 1010 ResponseDescription
CALL_AUTH_CENTER_REFERRALContact the Third Party Processor Voice authorization center for an approval code.
DECLINED_BY_ISSUERThe card’s issuer declined the transaction.
DUPLICATE_TRANSACTIONThe transaction is a duplicate of a previously approved transaction at the host.
EXPIRED_CARDThe expiration date of the card has passed.
FORMAT_ERRORThe transaction does not meet the requirements of the TPP’s message specification or data element format.
INSUFFICIENT_FUNDSThe card holder has insufficient funds for this transaction.
INVALID_AMOUNTThe amount of the transaction was invalid.
INVALID ACCOUNTThe account number was invalid.
INVALID_CVV2_VALUEThe CVV2 value in API field 0050 is incorrect or invalid.
INVALID_EXPIRATION_DATEThe format of the expiration date is invalid.
INVALID_PINThe PIN value is incorrect or invalid.
INVALID_PROCESSOR_TERMThe terminal number for the merchant was not valid at the processor host.
INVALID_TRANS_CODEThe transaction code was invalid.
PARTIAL_APPROVALThe transaction was only approved for a partial amount, check API field 0002 of the response to validate the amount approved.
PICK_UP_CARDThe card is to be picked up by the merchant.
PIN_RETRIES_EXCEEDEDThe number of PIN entry attempts has been exceeded.
PLEASE_RETRYThe transaction may be attempted to be authorized again.
PROCESSOR_ERRORThis is a general Third Party Processor Error for unspecified reasons.
SERVICE_NOT_ALLOWEDThe card is not permitted to be used for this transaction.
TRANS_NOT_ALLOWEDThe transaction is not permitted for this merchant or cardholder.