Puerto Rico

This section describes the functionalities that support Elavon E4 customers based in Puerto Rico, including:

  • Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) Transactions. Elavon E4 customers outside of Puerto Rico may also use this feature.

  • Tax fields and data for IVU (Impuesto de Venta y Uso, which translates to Sales and Use Tax) reporting requirements.

  • Cash tender transactions.

EBT Transaction Scenarios

The following table shows possible combinations

Tran Type Value in Field 0001Tran Type DescriptionTender Type in API Field 0115EBT Qualifier in API Field 0019E4 Transaction CodeE4 Tran Code Description
02Sale040010120EBT Food Stamp Purchase
02Sale040040120EBT Cash Benefit Purchase
07Prior Auth w/API Field 0006040010121EBT Food Stamp Voucher Clear Purchase
09Return040010122EBT Food Stamp Return
09Return w/API Field 0006040010123EBT Food Stamp Voucher Clear Return
11Void Sale040010198EBT Void
17Void Return040010198EBT Void
24Balance Inquiry040010124EBT Food Stamp Balance Inquiry
24Balance Inquiry040040141EBT Cash Benefit Balance Inquiry

Cash Tender Transaction Types

Tran Type Value in Field 0001Tran Type DescriptionTender Type in API Field 0115E4 Tran CodeE4 Tran Code Description
02Sale085804Cash or Cash-equivalent Purchase
09Return085805Cash or Cash-equivalent Return
11Void Sale085807Cash or Cash-equivalent Void
17Void Return085807Cash or Cash-equivalent Void
61Full Reversal085808Cash or Cash-equivalent Reversal

E4 Transaction Codes that Support Sending and Receiving IVU Tax Data Fields

  • 000 = Sale
  • 001 = Authorization Only
  • 099 = Credit Card Reversal
  • 100 = Debit Purchase
  • 102 = Debit Return
  • 198 = Debit / EBT Void
  • 199 = Debit / EBT Reversal
  • 120 = Food Stamp Purchase
  • 122 = Food Stamp Return
  • 121 = Food Stamp “Voucher Clear” Purchase
  • 140 = Cash Benefit Purchase
  • 804 = Cash or Cash-equivalent Purchase Transaction
  • 805 = Cash or Cash-equivalent Refund Transaction
  • 806 = Cash or Cash-equivalent Void Transaction
  • 807 = Cash or Cash-equivalent Reversal Transaction