Software Conversions

It is suggested that customers changing to a different transaction processor at the time of conversion work with their Integration Analyst to determine how the information stored in their database corresponds to the information required below.

Prior to processing these conversion records, the software must be configured as if it were running front desk transactions in a production mode. When these transactions are processed, they are edited and validated as if they were regular transactions. However, the process stops short of actually sending the transaction to Fusebox and the processor. The conversion occurs by populating the fields in the database based on the information provided for those fields and on how the system is configured.



If the user is changing to a different transaction processor, the conversion program should not try to carry over the CPS fields.

API Field Field Name Required Description
0001 Transaction Type Y Must be 01 (Auth Only)
0002 Transaction Amount Y Transaction amount (total amount authorized). Minimum of four digits, decimal point included.
0003 Account Number Y Contains either the unformatted track swipe or the manually-entered account number.
0004 Expiration Date Y Required only if full magnetic stripe data is not provided in API Field 0003.
0006 Authorization Code Y Original approval code returned from the card issuer.
0007 Reference Number Y Unique number supplied by the POS to identify the transaction.
0012 Force Flag Y Must be 1.
0015 PS2000 Data N Most Third Party Processor Interface sets do not return this field. The information once contained in this field is now returned in API fields 0034, 0035, and 0036.
0016 PS2000 Amount N Most Third Party Processor Interface sets do not return this field.
0032 Original Auth Date Y Date the original transaction took place.
0033 Original Auth Time Y Time the original transaction took place.
0034 Authorization Characteristics Indicator C Code representing the Card Association authorizing the transaction. Information received as part of the original authorization response.
0035 CPS Validation Code C Computed value assigned by the card association (Visa/MasterCard) and returned as part of the original authorization response.
0036 CPS Transaction Identifier C Unique tracking number assigned by the card issuing bank and returned as part of the original authorization response.
0037 Authorizer C Code that identifies the authorizing agency.
0038 Merit Reason Code C Code assigned by processor to track rating.
0039 Merit POS Entry Mode C Code assigned by processor to identify how data was entered.
0040 Merit CVC Error Indicator C Code returned by issuing bank to indicate the result of the CVC check.
0041 Merit Mag Stripe Qualifier C Code returned by issuing bank to indicate the quality of the track data received.
0042 Merit Authentication Code C Code assigned by issuing bank to transaction.
0109 Terminal ID Y References a terminal defined in the PBUI configuration file.



If using dial backup, PBUI uses the eighth position when creating the backup terminal ID, so the terminal ID size is limited to 7 characters.

0110 Cashier ID N Can contain any code or name up to 7 characters to identify the person creating the transaction.
0115 Transaction Qualifier Y Must be 010 for credit
0125 CPS Retrieval Reference No. C Assigned for chargeback retrieval purposes.
0126 CPS Acquiring ICA C Acquiring bank or third party processor ID
0127 CPS Miscellaneous Data (Requested Payment Service) C Any additional, non-standard, data that the processor
0128 CPS Original Auth Amount C Original authorization. The only dollar amount associated with this transaction.
0129 CPS Preferred Customer Indicator C Indicates if this customer qualifies for the preferred plan.
0130 CPS Total Authorized Amount C Total amount authorized up to this point in the lifecycle of this transaction. Includes decimal point.
0131 Total Number of Incremental Auths Sent C Total number of incremental authorizations up to this point in the lifecycle of this transaction.
0300 Charge Description Y Default is 001 = Lodging
0301 Folio Number Y Folio number.
0302 Room Rate Y Per day charge for room. Include decimal. If room rate $1,000 or more, enter 999.99.
0303 Arrival Date Y Date when customer checks in to the property.
0304 Departure Date Y Date when guest expects to checkout.
0305 Program Code Y 01 = default

02 = No Show

03 = Advanced Deposit

04 = Charge

05 = Express Service

06 = Assured Reservation
0307 Duration of Stay Y The number of days for the charge.
0308 Ticket / ROC Number Y Record of charge, reference number assigned to the charge. Usually the same as API field 0007.
0309 Employee Number Y Identifies the person who checked in or out of the property.
0310 Room Number Y Identification of the room incurring primary charges.
0311 Extra Charges Amount Y Dollar amount (including decimal point) for any extra charges incurred by the guest.
0312 Lodging Extra Charges Reason Codes Y Reason(s) for extra charges. Enter multiple reasons back to back. This field should only contain a value if the Extra Charges Amount (Field 311) contains a valid amount.

0 = N/A

2 = restaurant

3 = gift shop

4 = mini bar

5 = telephone

6 = other

7 = laundry
0313 Guest Name Y Name of guest.
0723 Recurring Payments Status C Flag indicating status of recurring payment (Card on File transaction). Valid values are:

F - First Payment

S – Subsequent scheduled recurring payment (i.e., regular payment)

U – Unscheduled recurring payment/purchase
0738 Recurring Compliance Data C Contains compliance data that merchants should retain and then return unaltered in the next card on file transaction.
1002 Cardholder Name N Cardholder name parsed from Track I, if provided in input API.
1008 Unique ID Request Y Requests Unique ID in Input Request

Masked Account Number In Output Response
1011 Host Reference Number N Reference number assigned by the host processor to track this transaction. Only required if the processor provided one.
1015 AVS Result Code N Code indicating level of success of address verification portion of authorization.
8002 Location Name Y Gateway UI based reporting, settlement and other database functions.
8006 Chain Code Y A six position code assigned at the chain level used for key management.