Lodging API Fields

Below are the API fields specific to the lodging industry.

0054POS Entry Mode2
ISO lodging-specific values:
01 = Manual/Key Entry
05 = Integrated circuit card read
07 = Contactless Chip Card
80 = EMV fall back to swipe
90 = Magnetic Stripe
91 = Contactless magnetic stripe read
0060Unique Device ID2-8
The data in this field identifies the source lane or terminal through which a transaction is processed, so that a compromised device or fraudulent transaction can be easily identified.
Some third party processors support a maximum of 2 digits numeric, while others support a maximum of 4 or 8 digits to be passed in this field; so the last two numbers must be unique to each register within a location (01-99 as the base line for compatibility for all TPP’s). This field should be presented in all transaction types supported by a POS/PMS application.
0300Charge Description1
Valid values:
0=Health Spa
1 = Lodging
2 = Food/Beverage
3 = Gift Shop
4 = Beauty Salon
5 = Convention Fees
6 = Tennis/Pro Shop
7 = Golf/Pro Shop
9 = unassigned
8 = unassigned
Defaults to 1.
0301Folio Number1-8
Folio number where the transaction was charged.
Ex.: 0301,123456
0302Room Rate1-8
Per-day charge for the room.
The only valid range is 0.00 - 99999.99 ($99,999.99 max)
Ex.: 0302,50.00
0303Arrival Date6
Date when the customer checks in to the property. Format is MMDDYY.
Ex.: 0303,061025
0304Departure Date6
Actual or anticipated guest departure date. Typically, this field coincides with the transaction date (or the date the transaction was settled). If the transaction is a partial payment, occurring prior to the departure, the departure date should be set to the current date, not the actual departure date.
Format: MMDDYY
Ex.: 0304,061525
0305Program Code1
Valid values:
1 = Lodging
2 = Assured Reservation (no show)
3 = Advanced Deposit
4 = Delayed Charge
5 = Express Service
6 = Assured Reservation
Defaults to 1.
0307Duration of Stay2
The number of days for the charge. Minimum one day.
Ex.: 0307,5
0308Ticket Number/ROC8
Record of Charge (ROC) or reference number assigned to the charge.
Ex.: 0308,12345678
0309Employee Number1-6
Identifies the person who checked the guest out.
Ex.: 0309,22
0310Room Number1-4
Identifies the room number for primary charges.
Ex.: 0310,211
0311Extra Charges Amount1-14
Dollar amount for any extra charges incurred by the guest.
Ex.: 0311,125.00
0312Extra Charges Reason Codes6
This field should only contain a value if the Extra Charges Amount (API field 0311) contains a valid amount. Enter multiple reasons back to back. Reason(s) codes:
2 = Restaurant
5 = Telephone
3 = Gift Shop
6 = Other
4 = Minibar
7 = Laundry
Ex.: 0312,23 (for Restaurant and Gift Shop charges)
0313Guest Name26
Name of the guest. If Track I is present and this field is blank, the name encoded in Track I will be used.
Ex.: 0313,Claire Bell
0738Recurring Compliance Data1-50
Contains compliance data that merchants should retain and then return unaltered in the next recurring/card on file transaction.
5020Token Account Status1
Identifies the account range as regulated or non-regulated and is received from the Card Brand. It will contain one of the below values to indicate the status of the account range and should be included in capture if present in the authorization response.
Code Description:
R - Regulated
N - Non-Regulated
5021Token Assurance Level2
Defined by the token service provider, this Visa or MasterCard value indicates the assigned confidence level of the token-to-PAN/cardholder binding. It will be returned back to merchants in authorization response when it’s available from association.
5022Token Requestor ID11
Contains the value that uniquely identifies the pairing of token requestor with the token domain. This value is sent in capture to identify the requestor to the card brand. For payment token transactions, merchant should send in token requestor ID when it’s available. A required field for MasterCard card-on-file token transactions.
5024Last 4 Digits of Primary PAN4
Last 4 digits of actual account number will be returned back in authorization response when it’s available from association, merchant can use it for receipt-printing purposes instead of using payment token number.
5025Card Brand Token Status1
Contains the status of the token. Valid Values:
0 = Non Token Transaction
1 = Active
2 = Suspended
3 = Deactivated
4 = Expired
5 = Unknown