Fusebox and Simplify HSA Card Support

Certification projects begin with the Relationship Manager or Client Executive initiating a project on behalf of their respective customer, through the Solution Engineering request form. Project inception begins with Solution Engineer assignment. Once a Solution Statement has been provided to the Integration team, a request for an Integration Analyst will occur.

HSA Authorization messages require auto-substantiation data. This is data that details what type of health saving account charge was incurred.

  • Fusebox customers with Elavon Acquiring can add this support to their messages by including API Fields 1074 to 1083.

  • This support is valid in the retail industry for:

    • Visa or Mastercard credit or debit Health Savings Account (HSA) cards.

    • Supported Transaction Types are Authorization Only (01) or Sale (02).



These fields do not require the HSA fields.

The HSA card is valid for ambulance charges, health care, and transit fees. Healthcare and transit fees will not be seen in the same transaction.

The following table describes auto-substantiation data for Healthcare, Prescription, Vision, Clinic/Other, Dental and Transit.

Field Use Case 1 – Healthcare Use Case 1 – Healthcare Transit
Healthcare Amount Present (Sum of all below values) Not Applicable
Prescription Amount Present, if available Not Applicable
Vision Amount Present, if available Not Applicable
Clinic/Other Amount Present, if available Not Applicable
Dental Amount Present, if available Not Applicable
Transit Amount Not Applicable Present