Gift and Stored Value Card API Fields

Field Name Length
0001 Transaction Type 2
Required. Refer to the Transaction Matrix.
0007 Reference Number 7
Unique reference number to transaction. Important: Elavon does not recommend padding the Reference Number field (Field 0007) with leading zeros. Should you choose to do so, be sure to store the value in your system as a String instead of an Integer. This will eliminate any potential discrepancies in how this field is presented in two-part transactions, and the chance of downgrades or fees is greatly reduced.
0011 User-Defined Field 80
Conditional. Required for SVS virtual cards only. Value = VIRTUAL
0017 Cash Back 1-14
Conditional. Amount of cash back included in the amount Field 0002. Required for SVS virtual cards only.
0018 Debit PIN Block 16
Conditional. Required for SVS virtual cards only. Value = 1234
0036 Transaction Identifier 1-15
Conditional. Contains the unique tracking number assigned by the credit card issuing bank. Third Party Processor Interface- specific.
0043 System Trace Audit Number 6
Conditional. A host assigned reference number used for tracking purposes. When returned, must be printed on receipt.
0060 Unique Device ID 1-8
Required. Must be stored and displayed and may be used for settlement. Used to identify the source lane or terminal through which a transaction is processed.
0115 Transaction Qualifier 3
Required. Identified type of account used. Gift and Stored Value Card = 050. Refer to the Transaction Matrix.
0117 Stored Value Function 1
Required. Indicates Stored value transaction function:
1 = Activate
2 = Issue
3 = Reload
4 = Return
5 = Redeem
6 = Redeem w/ cash back
7 = Prior Auth
0128 CPS Original Authorization Amount 1-14
Conditional. Valid format: 0.00 – 99999.99
0130 CPS Total Authorized Amount 1-14
Conditional. Approved Amount. Valid format: 0.00 – 99999.99
0201 Tip Amount 1-14
Conditional. Amount of Tip Valid format: 0.00 – 9999.99. Third Party Processor Interface-specific.
0632 Account Balance 1-14
Conditional. New Account Balance. Valid format: 0.00 – 99999.99. Third Party Processor Interface- specific.
0645 Previous Balance 11
Conditional. Previous balance on card. Third Party Processor Interface- specific.
1035 Total Number of Cards 2
Conditional. Total number of cards being issued at one time. Third Party Processor Interface- specific.
1036 Sequence Number of Card 2
Conditional. Determines sequence numbers when multiple cards are issued. Third Party Processor Interface- specific.

Declines of Approved Cards

INACTIVE CARD - Doing any transaction other than Activate or Issue for a card that is not already active.

INSUFF FUNDS - Redeeming more than available balance allows.

CRD ALRDY ISSUED - Activate or Issue requested on a card that has already been issued.

CRD NOT ISSUED - Card Reload transaction used on a card that has not been Issued or Activated.

CARD ALRDY USED - Reversal/Cancel transaction attempted on issue gift card after card has been redeemed.

CARD FROZEN - Trying to lock the amount when a lock already exists.

NO RECORDS FOUND - Previous transaction could not be found.


To get an approval, use any card number that is not defined in Demo Card Scenarios. While most requests are approved, logic is performed based on the status and balance of a card which can result in the following declines.

Account Balance and Open-to-Buy (24)

Transaction Type 24 (Account Balance and Open-to-Buy) is used to obtain the current account balance or open-to-buy amount for an association pre-paid gift card or stored value card. Pre-paid gift cards are not supported by all TPPS. If the TPP does not support this transaction type, a TRANSACTION NOT SUPPORTED error is returned from the application.

It is recommended that the POS application support this transaction type.

Refer to the appropriate Third Party Processor Interface guide(s) for additional information on how to determine if this transaction type is supported, and the requirements for the Input Request and Output Response.

Gift and Stored Value Card Transaction Matrix

Transaction Tran Type (API 0001) Debit PIN Block* (API 0018) Transaction Qualifier (API 0115) Stored Value Function (API 0117) Tip Amount (API 0201)
Authorization Only 01 050 N/A
Close Card 02 050 3
Redemption 02 050 5
Redemption Virtual 02 1234 050 5
Redemption (Cash Back/Cash Out/Unload) 02 050 6
Tip 02 050 5 $$$$$$.$$
IVR Authorized Redemption 07 050 7
Prior Auth/Unlock 07 050 7
Card Activation 09 050 1
Issue Card 09 050 2
Issue Virtual Card 09 050 2
Reload/Recharge 09 050 3
Return 09 050 4
Void Redemption 11 050 5
Void Redemption (Cash/Cash Back/Unload) 11 050 6
Void Prior Auth/Unlock/IVR Auth 11 050 7
Local Batch Close 13 N/A
Local Batch Inquiry 14 N/A
Void Activation/Deactivate 17 050 1
Void Card Issue 17 050 2
Void Reload/Recharge 17 050 3
Void Return 17 050 4
Balance Inquiry 24 050 N/A


API Field 0018 is used only in conjunction with Virtual Cards.

Gift card demo mode runs transactions that mimic gift card functionality. For example, any approved card can be redeemed until the amount issued is exhausted. All cards are reset automatically at midnight, Eastern (EST).