DCC API Fields

Field Name Length
0140 Merchant Currency 3
Merchant Transaction Currency Code
0142 Cardholder Currency 3
Cardholder ISO Currency Code
0144 Converted Currency Amount 1-14
Cardholder Transaction amount
0150 DCC Rate 1-10
Foreign Currency Exchange Rate
0151 DCC Indicator 1
DCC Eligible terminal indicator. Valid values include:
0 = Not DCC Capable
1 = DCC Capable and cardholder has opted-in
2 = DCC BIN match, but no corresponding rate for that currency
3 = DCC capable, but cardholder has opted-out
0159 DCC Exponent 1
Number of exponent digits in the DCC Rate
0164 DCC File ID 21
In the case where Simplify or the payment application performs the DCC Inquiry on behalf of the POS/PMS, they will need to populate the value from field 7007 in the transaction type 46 response into field 0164 in the authorization response to the PMS/POS. PMS/POS store this value for receipt printing and research of previous rates
0165 DCC Markup Percentage 4
DCC Rate markup with the 2 implied decimals (3.25% is 0325)
0166 DCC Rate Provider Name 1-35
Indicates the name of the currency rate provider
0169 Merchant PMS/POS DCC Capability 1
0 = Merchant’s PMS/POS is not DCC Capable
1 = Merchant’s PMS/POS is DCC Capable and enabled
2 = Merchant’s PMS/POS is DCC Capable and not enabled
3 = Merchant’s PMS/POS is DCC Capable and enabled, Merchant does not want to perform DCC on this transaction
7007 Transaction Identifier 21
Unique identifier to reference the transaction. We advise that the PMS/POS store this value from the DCC Inquiry response for receipt printing and research of previous rates in financial transactions


Depending on the payment type, card type, transaction type, the TPP being interfaced with, and other factors, not all of these fields may be required.