Check API Fields

API Field # Field Name Size Type Option/Description In Out* Store
0001 Transaction Type 2 N Electronic Check Conversion/Verification/Guarantee = 02

Void = 11
0002 Transaction Amount 1-14 C Total amount of the transaction, using currency mask 0.00.
0003 Account Number 1-254 A/N Account number is not required for check, but a masked account number will be returned for reference. Check transactions do not support Tokenization.
0006 Authorization Code 6 A/N Approval code.
0007 Reference Number 1-8 N Unique reference number to transaction.



Elavon does not recommend padding the Reference Number field (Field 0007) with leading zeros. Should you choose to do so, be sure to store the value in your system as a String instead of an Integer. This will eliminate any potential discrepancies in how this field is presented in two-part transactions, and the chance of downgrades or fees is greatly reduced.

0009 Batch Number 1-8 N Current open batch number at host.
0030 Online Indicator 1 N Code returned by the Elavon Gateway Applications indicating the transaction was processed online. This value must be returned with any subsequent adjustments or capture requests.

0 = Offline

1 = Online
0033 Authorization Transaction Time 6 T Time of the original transaction (HHMMSS).
0036 Transaction Identifier 1-15 A/N Unique tracking number assigned to the transaction by the TPP.
0037 Authorizer 1 A/N Code which identifies the authorizing agency .
0043 System Trace Audit Number 25 N The STAN is a unique number generated by Third Party Processor Interface and used by the processor to track a transaction through its system.
0054 POS Entry Mode 2 N ISO POS entry mode values:
01-Manual/Key Entry
10-MICR Entry
0060 Unique Device ID 8 N The data in this field identifies the source lane or terminal through which a transaction is processed, so that a compromised device or fraudulent transaction can be easily identified.

Some third-party processors only support a maximum of four digits being passed in this field, so the last four numbers must be unique to each register within a location. This field should be presented in all transaction types supported by a POS/PMS application.
0109 Terminal 8 A/N Terminal passed in the incoming message.
0110 Cashier ID 1-8 A/N Can contain any code or name up to 8 uppercase characters to identify the person logged into the POS.
0112 Processor ID 3 N Responds with the Third Party Processor Interface number used to process this transaction
0115 Transaction Qualifier 3 N Fusebox Conversion – 020.
0125 Retrieval Reference Number 1-15 A/N Assigned for chargeback retrieval purposes.
0126 Track Indicator 1 N Indicator showing how card was presented on original authorization:


1= MICR swiped
0130 Total Authorized Amount 1-14 C Total amount authorized.
0140 Merchant Currency Trigraph 3 A ISO Alpha Currency Code of the merchant.
0651 Auxiliary TPP Reversal Data 256 A/N Some TPPs require special data to be retained from the original request and return with future transactions live a void.


This value does not have to be stored or retained.

0900 Account Number/MICR 1-40 A/N MICR information to be sent to processor.

May be manual account number (up to 15 characters) or swiped data that includes the all the information from the bottom of the check.


Output is masked in the response.

0901 Driver’s License 1-127 A/N Driver’s license information. May be manually entered or swiped. *Optional. ✓*
0902 Check Number 10 N Sequential check number of check presented .
0903 State ID 2 A State code where check or driver’s license issued.
0904 State Code 2 N Numeric state code where check or driver’s license was issued. *Optional. ✓*
0905 Date of Birth 6 N Date of Birth. The format is MMDDYY.

0906 Check Type 3 N Type of check presented.

000 = personal check (default)

001 = personal savings

003 = corporate

004 = payroll

005 = government
0907 MICR Entry Mode 1 N Indicates how MICR Field 900 was entered:

0 = manual

1 = MICR reader
0908 Driver License Entry Mode 1 N Indicates how Field 901 was entered:

0 = manual

1 = swiped


Confirm Federal, State and local regulations regarding the use of a Driver’s License.

0910 Zip Code 9 A/N Zip Code from address listed on check presented.

0911 Phone Number 10 N Phone number of primary account holder listed on check. *Optional. ✓*
0912 ABA Number 9 N ABA (transit) number from the bottom of the check.

Required for manually entered account numbers.

0913 Alternate Identification Indicator 1 N Indicator that identifies the type of alternate identification presented:

0 = Other

1 = SSN

2 = Courtesy Card

3 = Military ID

4 = Debit Card

5 = Credit Card

6 = Address

* Optional


Confirm Federal, State and local regulations regarding the use of alternate identification

0914 Alternate Identification 80 A/N Alternate Identification. This field contains the appropriate data relating to the type of identification noted in field 913.

Should be Masked in the response. *Optional.
0916 Check Status 1 A/N 0=Verification Only

1=Accept Check Conversion

2=Decline Check Conversion


0917 ACH Reference Number 1-25 A/N Host Reference for approved ACH transactions.
0918 Returned Check Note 1-100 A/N To accommodate additional state specific return check fee information.
0920 ACH Check Format Code 3 N The format code required for ACH ECS transactions
Valid Values:
001 = ECS Data - Format B
0921 ACH Check Product Code 3 A/N Indicates the ECS Product method used for the ACH transaction.
Valid Values:
WEB = Web Initiated-Entry
TEL = Telephone Initiated-Entry
CCD = Corporate Cash Disbursement
PPD = Pre-Arranged Payment and Deposit
0934 Check Consumer Name 25 AN This field contains the Name of the Consumer making the check transaction
Field may also contain an Opt Out Number
No Special Characters Allowed
1000 Card Type 2 A/N CK – Fusebox Electronic Check Conversion.
1001 Card Name 1-26 A/N CHECK – Fusebox Electronic Check Conversion.
1003 Elavon Response Code 1-4 N Code generated by the Elavon Gateway Applications to indicate the status of the transaction.
1004 Host Response Message 1-80 A/N Host response message, either verbatim or evaluated. May contain Elavon Gateway messages.
1005 Merchant Number 1-30 A/N Merchant number from the merchant information configured the Fusebox site ID.
1008 Masked Account Number 21 A/N Masked Account Number (last 4 preserved).


Fusebox does not support Tokenization 1008, ID: on check transactions).

1009 Host Response Code 1-10 A/N Host response code indicating condition of the transaction.
1010 Elavon Response Message 1-80 A/N Elavon verbose response message corresponding to error code returned in field 1003.
1012 Elavon Batch Number 1-8 N Elavon batch number assigned to this transaction.


The actual fields returned in the Output Response are dependent on the module being used. If the interface requires the data, and the processor returns the information, it is returned in the format required by the processor.