November 2020 Release Notes v2020.3.2

The release on November 19, 2020 includes:

Global Experience Updates

  1. The item code for the S700 Barcode Scanner previously listed as TALCS has been corrected to TACBS.

  2. Customers using Managed or Guided API flows are now informed of the live signing status of other business owners.

North America (NA) Updates

  1. PAX Devices have been added.

    Product Description Item Code
    PAX A60 B+ CAN P60CB
    PAX A60 B+ US PA60B
    PAX A80 B+ CAN P80CB
    PAX A80 B+ US PA80B
    PAX S80 B+ CAN PS8CB
    PAX S80 B+ US PS80B
    PAX A920 B+ CAN P92CB
    PAX A920 B+ US PA92B
    PAX D220 B+ CAN P22CB
    PAX D220 B+ US P220B
    PAX S500 B+ CAN PS5CB
    PAX S500 B+ US PS50B
    PAX S920 B+ CAN PS9CB
    PAX S920 B+ US PS92B
    PAX S300 PP B+ CAN PS3CB
    PAX S300 PP B+ US PS30B
  2. Our API now includes support for collecting the signatures of one or more business owners. When partners using the NA eBoarding API board an application with more than one owner, each owner is presented with an EID Quiz, if available. The quiz results of additional owners will be documented in the Addendum file.

Europe (EU) Updates

  1. Germany

    • EU (Germany) eBoarding API now generates contractual documents for our partners and customers to sign when needed.
    • EU eBoarding API now supports girocard.
  2. Poland

    • Polish diacritics including the kreska, ogonek, and stroke now display correctly when signing contractual documents.
    • On January 1, 2021, Elavon will update Terms and Conditions for Polish "Sole Trader" (Osoba fizyczna prowadząca DG) and "Partnership" (Spółka cywilna (sc)) ownership types. Other ownership types will continue to use the Terms of Service already in place.