eBoarding Overview

The eBoarding Partner API automates the merchant underwriting and on-boarding process, significantly reducing the time between signing a contract and processing transactions to just a few hours.

Get Started

For information on prerequisites, test account creation, and to take the first steps to integrate with the eBoarding Partner API, take a look at our Getting Started guide.

Integration Timeline

Project Kick-off/Pre-Certification
  • Partner engages with Elavon
  • Partner reviews documentation on the developer portal
  • Project start date established
  • Integration team works with Partner to create QA/Staging credentials
  • Integration team provides API specifications, credentials and additional documentation
  • Partner develops API
  • Partner transitions to certification team
  • Partner completes initial baseline certification tests and provides test identifiers and any response messages to the certification team
  • Updates are made to resolve errors from baseline tests
  • Once all baseline tests are successful, additional scripts from the pre-certification questionnaire are provided
  • Partner completes all tests and provides test identifiers and response messages to the certification team; updates are made to resolve errors from tests
  • If Partner is not using Elavon's documentation generation APIs, Elavon requires additional partner certification
Production Release
  • Partner receives production credentials
  • Production support provided as needed

What's New

Guided Flow

Get integrated quickly with Guided Flow boarding.

Push Notifications

Get notified of status updates to your application.


If you're having trouble submitting an application, learn how to resolve boarding timeouts issues.

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