Documents API Calls Diagram

This sequence diagram depicts documents-based calls to the eBoarding API.


It is important to make documents calls in the proper order.

  1. Start with the ListDocuments API call. This will return a list of required documents.
  2. Then send a CreateDocumentPacketRequest. This will return the documentPacketId and a list of signer IDs along with their corresponding signer URLs.
  3. Next send a GetUnsignedDocumentsPacketRequest. This returns a list of unsigned documents. Repeat this step as necessary.
  4. Then send a RefreshSignerUserSessionsRequest. This returns a list of signer IDs and signer URLs. Repeat this step as necessary.
  5. After the above API operations have been executed, you can start checking to see if all required signers have signed the documentation by using CheckDocumentSignerStatus. This returns the document packet's status and a list of signers' statuses (DRAFT, ACCEPTED, SIGNED, DECLINED, or EXPIRED).
  6. Now use GetSignedDocumentPacketRequest, which returns a list of signed documents.
  7. At this point, you can Board the application with the profileCode and documentPacketId. This will return a boarding response (AWB for North America, MID for Europe, or an error).
  8. Finally, you can use BoardStatus to check your application's boarding response (COMPLETE, INPROGRESS, DECLINED, WITHDRAWN, ERROR, TIMED_OUT, or PEND).