Complementary API Calls

Using the APIs

The following requests and associated responses are an optional collection of calls. They can be made prior to and after boarding and provide additional functionality to the main boarding call.

Types and objects used in these calls that are also used in boarding are documented in the Boarding process flow .

To get a better understanding of the order in which documents and boarding calls are made, see the Documents diagram .

Boarding Status Request

  • Made after boarding to receive status of application and final MID.

  • Possible responses are defined in BoardingStatusResponse in Swagger (ex: approved, declined, in progress, complete, pend, error).

Endpoint - api/v1/boardstatus

Input -- BoardingStatusRequestParams

Output -- BoardingStatusResponse


Elavon can work with partners who wish to enable a push signing status instead of a pull signing status. This requires an Elavon software release.

Routing Number Validation Request

  • Optional; may be made prior to boarding in order to validate a bank routing number

  • An invalid routing number will cause a boarding error

Endpoint - api/v1/bank

Input - bankingInfo

Output - VerifyBankAccountResponse

Postal Code Validation Request

  • Optional; can be made prior to boarding in order to validate post codes

  • Invalid postal codes will cause boarding errors

  • Values in the response results should be used to populate address fields in the boarding request; currently applicable to USA and CAN postal codes only

Endpoint - api/v1/postal

Input -- validateZipCodeRequest

Output -- ValidateZipCodeListResponse

Get Quiz Request

  • Made prior to boarding in order to generate a Know Your Customer (KYC) quiz to have the principal of the boarding application complete

  • Currently applicable to USA and CAN only

Endpoint - api/v1/getquiz

Input -- getQuizRequest

Output -- GetQuizResponse


All portions of the GetQuizRequest are reused in the boarding call.

Answer Quiz Request

  • Made prior to boarding and after a quiz has been given in order to answer that quiz

  • Currently applicable to USA and CAN only

Endpoint - api/v1/answerquiz

Input -- answerQuizRequest

Output -- AnswerQuizResponse

The final result of the quiz transaction

To represent these results in boarding, extract the fraudCheckResult block and insert it into the scarecrowApplication body of the boarding request.

Upload Document Request

  • Made after boarding to upload any supporting documents to the application

  • Supported file formats are: JPG, JPEG, PDF, PNG, TIF, and TIFF

  • Currently applicable to USA and CAN only

Endpoint -- api/v1/uploadDocuments

Input -- uploadDocumentsRequestParams

Output -- UploadDocumentResponse

Get Document List

You can use Elavon's process or your own process for document generation and signing. If using your own processes, they are required to be certified by Elavon.


This should be the initial API called if you are NOT using Elavon's document signing capabilities. The API returns the list of documents needed for the particular application. The output indicates which document in the list needs to be displayed and signed.

Endpoint - /api/

Input -- ListDocuments

Output -- ListDocumentsResponse

Create Document Packet

  • Sets up the list of signers, and defines the URLs based on signing, not signing or timing out

  • Output is a list of signer's URLs

  • URLs are only active for 5 minutes; the signing session does not time out for 20 minutes

Endpoint - /api/

Input -- CreateDocumentPacketRequest

Output -- CreateDocumentPacketResponse

Refresh Signer User Sessions

Can be called to refresh the expiration time of the signer URLs provided in the Create Document Packet.

Endpoint - /api/

Input - RefreshSignerUserSessionsRequest\

Output -- RefreshSignerUserSessionsResponse

Poll Signing Status

Polls the current status of the signers to check that each has completed signing.

Endpoint - /api/

Input -- CheckDocumentSignerStatus

Ouput - CreateDocumentPacketResponse

Push Signing Status

Contact Elavon if you prefer to set up an endpoint and have us push the signing status to you. This will require an Elavon software release

Get Unsigned Documents in Packet

Returns a list of unsigned documents that require signing.

Endpoint - /api/

Input -- GetUnsignedDocumentsPacketRequest

Output - GetDocumentResponse

Get Signed Documents in Packet

Returns a list of the signed documents.

Endpoint - /api/

Input -- GetsignedDocumentPacketRequest

Output - GetDocumentResponse

Submit Application and Documents in Packet

Partners using Elavon's signing feature can do a boarding request and have Elavon upload the signed documents at the same time using profileCode and documentPacketId in the boarding request.

Endpoint - /api/

Input -- BoardRequestParams

Output -- BoardingReponse

Retrieve Converge Credentials

Converge credentials can be retrieved 5 minutes after the account is approved and the MID is available. In the future, this 5 minute delay will not be required.

Endpoint -- /api/

Input -- getconvergecredentialsrequest

Output -- getconvergecredentialsresponse