Boarding Timeouts

When encountering a boarding timeout, please observe the following steps to ensure that your application is correctly resubmitted.

Avoiding Duplicate Applications

  1. Ensure the uniqueId is wholly original and never repeatedĀ for subsequent applications. It should also be different from any application you have previously submitted for the particular environment being used (QA or Production).


    Using the partner's name followed by a millisecond timestamp is a good way to create a uniqueId.

    Example: AcmeCorp1572566399123

  2. For each boarding request, wait 90 seconds for the AWB response to be returned.

    • If 90 seconds elapses and there is still no response, send the boarding request again WITHOUT changing the uniqueId. The uniqueId MUST remain identical to the original application request.
  3. If ALL THREE of the following are true:

    • You already submitted the application,
    • No response was returned,
    • Data in the application needs to be modified (example: Customer wants to correct a phone number or address),

    Then update the data and create a NEW uniqueId.

Retry Logic

The most common reasons for a delay in returning an AWB is when new eBoarding software is being deployed or there is some temporary system malfunction.

  1. Ensure that a uniqueId is being used.
  2. If no AWB is returned when expected, then retry submitting the application based on this timetable:
    • First retry after 90 seconds.
    • Then retry every 15 minutes for 4 hours.
    • Then retry every 60 minutes for 72 hours.

If there is still no AWB returned, then you may need to reference error logs or consult your Elavon relationship manager.