Passing data to board

You can POST data to the board endpoint via JSON.

Top level boarding tags

The following elements are high level tags that aren't nested in sections.

Top Level Boarding elements

boardingRequestParams- The wrapper of the scarecrowApplication tag.

scarecrowApplication- The container for all application data.

Element Description
clientId Required. Assigned by Elavon. Identifies the client sending the application.
uniqueId Required. Unique identifier per application; provided by the client
Can be up to 32 alpha numeric characters
country Required. Identifies the Partner's location.
Use ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 standard (3 letter country code)
salesRepCode Required. Assigned by Elavon under the Partner organization.
clientGroupNumber Required in NA. Client Group system hierarchy designation provided by Elavon. Partner entity structure rolls up to this level of hierarchy with parent entity.
parentEntity Required. Account designation/hierarchy. Provided by Elavon. Rolls up to Client Group
fundingMethod Required. Options are Gross and NetCredit.
GROSS - deposit includes all credits and any debits/fees are deducted separately
NETCREDIT - deposit includes all credits minus any debits/fees
monetaryPricingProgram Required for non-MSP Partners (Scoop/Direct Bill). Monetary pricing program for custom applications.
authenticatePricingProgram Required in EU. Values provided by Elavon
tapeId Required. Funding method for customer deposits
Your Elavon representative can provide further information
referrerName Required. Name of the partner entity sending the application
Value provided by Elavon
shortName Only required if Elavon provides the value; must be passed if provided