Details the financial information related to the merchant's business.

Collects everything related to how payments are processed and what affects the process.

financialInfo elements

Element Description
avgSaleAmount Required. Average credit card sales (ticket) amount
monthlyCardSales Required. Projected monthly credit card sales
annualRevenue Required. Projected yearly gross revenue for all transaction types
fundingCurrency Required. Funding currency code, either USD or CAD.
Populated from a list
cardPresentAcceptancePercent Required. The percentage split of card present transactions
internetAcceptancePercent Required. The percentage split of internet/ecom transactions
motoAcceptancePercent Required. The percentage split of mail-order/telephone-order transactions
highestTicketAmount Required. Highest estimated ticket amount
highestTicketFrequency Required. Frequency with which highest ticket is received annually
customerServicePhone Optional.* Phone number of business's customer service.
Required when motoAcceptancePercent > 0 or internetAcceptancePercent > 0
businessWebsiteURL Optional. Website address of business.
Required when internetAcceptancePercent > 0