Member Inquiry - ltmemberinquiry

This section describes the message parameters for Loyalty Card Member Inquiry transaction processing, which you can submit using the XML API integration method. Refer to the Integration Methods section for more information.

The ltmemberinquiry transaction determines if a payment card or phone number is registered to a member and has any current offers or rewards available for redemption.

If the loyalty card is associated with the loyalty program and has points, rewards or discounts available, the cardholder can opt to use the rewards towards the current sale. In this case, a new Transaction Amount is calculated.

If the loyalty card or the phone number is not enrolled and the cardholder wishes to enroll, the application can link the card or phone number using Loyalty Card Enrollment (ltenrollment).

In this section:


15 | numeric | required
Merchant ID
Elavon-assigned Converge account ID.
15 | alphanumeric | required
Converge User ID
The user ID with Hosted Payment API User status that can send transaction requests through the terminal.
64 | alphanumeric | required
Terminal ID
Unique identifier of the terminal that will process the transaction request and submit to the Converge gateway.
Important: The ssl_user_id sending the transaction request must be associated with the terminal that will process the request.
20 | alphanumeric | required
Transaction Type
Value: ltmemberinquiry
10 | numeric | optional
Determine enrollment status using the cardholder's phone number.
Important: Must not include spaces or dashes.
11 | numeric | required
Transaction Amount
Sale Amount.
Format: Number with 2 decimals places
[Card Data]
Use the appropriate card data parameters for the transaction.
19 | numeric | conditional
Loyalty Card Number
Unique identifier of the loyalty card.
  • Required for hand-keyed transactions.
  • Required if a loyalty card is available.
4 | numeric | optional
Loyalty Card's Expiry Date
Date when the card becomes invalid.
Important: Required if ssl_loyalty_card_number is not null.
Format: MMYY
76 | alphanumeric | conditional
Raw Track I and/or II Data
Track data captured from the card's magnetic stripe. The data includes beginning and ending sentinels, card's expiry date, cardholder's first name, and the cardholder's last name.
Important: Required if loyalty card is available for swipe transactions.
160 | alphanumeric | conditional
Encrypted Track Data
Track data captured from the card's magnetic stripe or an Ingenico encrypting device.
160 | alphanumeric | conditional
Encrypted Loyalty Track I Data
Track I data captured from a MagTek encrypting device.
160 | alphanumeric | conditional
Encrypted Loyalty Track II Data
Track II data captured from a MagTek encrypting device.
20 | alphanumeric | conditional
Key Serial Number
Unique identifier generated from the swiped payment card and returned by the encrypting device. The KSN encrypts the PAN data through the DUKPT method.
Important: Required if using:
  • ssl_enc_loyalty_track_data
  • ssl_encrypted_loyalty_track1_data
  • ssl_encrypted_loyalty_track2_data


Transaction Outcome
An ssl_result = 0 indicates an approved transaction.
An ssl_result not equal to 0 indicates a declined and unauthorized transaction.
Transaction Result Message
Refer to the Loyalty Card Response Codes section for an extensive list of possible returned messages.
Transaction ID
Unique identifier of the transaction.
Processing Date and Time
Indicates when Converge processed the transaction.
Format: MM/DD/YYYY hh:mm:ss AM/PM
Example: 03/18/2010 10:34:10 AM
Transaction Approval Code
Unique code returned by the credit card processor that indicates the approval status of the transaction.
Masked Card Number
Card's Expiry Date
Returned based on merchant setup.
Account Balance
Available balance on the loyalty card.
Phone Number
Loyalty Program
Description of the merchant's loyalty program that can be printed on the receipt.
Access Code
Randomly generated access code that is tied to the primary customer for the account created as part of the loyalty program.
Account Status
Valid values:
  • 1 - Not a loyalty program member based on payment card
  • 2 - Already enrolled to loyalty program based on payment card
  • 3 - Suspended loyalty card
  • 4 - Expired loyalty card
  • 5 - Closed loyalty card
Total Authorized/Approved Transaction Amount
Return based on merchant setup.
New Discounted Amount
Indicates the transaction amount less the discount for the offer, if available.
Promotion List
This contains a list of all promo products; the data for each promo product will be nested and embedded between beginning and ending elements <ssl_promo_product> up to 5 promo products. Each promo product ssl_promo_product will contain ssl_promo_code, ssl_promo_code_name, ssl_promo_code_description, and ssl_promo_code_issue_points.
Returned only if an error occurs. Refer to the Error Codes section for more information.
Error Code
Typically, when the transaction failed validation or the request is incorrect. This will prevent the transaction from going to authorization. This is a numeric field.
Error Message
Detailed explanation of the error. This field may be changed based on merchant configuration in the user interface.
Error Name
Error name or reason for the error.