Batch Billing Transaction Query - bitxnquery

Converge users who want to see all Accepted and/or Declined transactions from in a file may use a BITXNQUERY request in XML API to request a batch view version of the TXNQUERY.


To use BITXNQUERY, the user whose ssl_user_id is being passed must have Batches - View user right. Take the following steps to grant this user right:

  1. Open the Converge User Interface.
  2. Click the USER tab.
  3. Click Edit User Rights.
  4. Under the Vitual Terminal - Batch, check the box for the Batches - View.
  5. Save the selected changes.

Required Fields

The following fields are required to successfully process a BITXNQUERY request:

  • <ssl_date>
  • <ssl_file_name>
  • <ssl_transaction_type>
  • <ssl_result>

Request a Batch Billing Query by passing BITXNQUERY through the ssl_transaction_type field.

The contents of the BITXNQUERY are based on the value passed for ssl_result:

  • A shows approved transactions
  • D shows declined transactions and errors
  • An empty field or any other value shows all transactions

Example Batch Import Transaction Query Request


Example Batch Import Transaction Query Response

	<ssl_start_date>2018-11-05 13:30:17.0</ssl_start_date>
	<ssl_end_date>2018-11-05 13:30:32.0</ssl_end_date>