Auth Only - emvchipauthonly

This section describes the message parameters for EMV Chip Authorization Only transaction processing, which you can submit using the XML API integration method. Refer to the Integration Methods section for more information.

The emvchipauthonly transaction obtains real-time authorization only for a chip credit card. This transaction will guarantee that the funds are available on the card and reduce the cardholder’s limit to buy for only a predetermined amount of time.

To place the transaction in the Open batch, use cccomplete to convert to a Sale transaction or use ccdelete to reverse and restore the funds on the card.


  • An emvchipupdatetxn transaction must be sent once an emvchipauthonly has been completed and the Chip card has returned additional data.
  • POS system will need to update the chip/device with the Issuer Script received from the authorization received from the chip.

In this section:


Field nameDescriptionRequiredLengthData type
ssl_merchant_idMerchant ID
Elavon-assigned Converge account ID.
ssl_user_idConverge User ID
The user ID with Hosted Payment API User status that can send transaction requests through the terminal.
ssl_pinTerminal ID
Unique identifier of the terminal that will process the transaction request and submit to the Converge gateway.
The ssl_user_id sending the transaction request must be associated with the terminal that will process the request.
ssl_transaction_typeTransaction Type
Valid value:emvchipauthonly
[Card Data]
ssl_tlv_encEncrypted Tag Length Value
Data defining the EMV record. The data includes the following:
- Total Authorization Amount
- Tip Amount (if available)
ssl_pos_modePOS Device Data Entry Capability
Indicates how the POS device captures card data.
Valid values:
- 04 - EMV chip-capable (ICC) - Contact only with magnetic stripe
- 05 - EMV chip-capable (ICC) - Dual interface with magnetic stripe
ssl_entry_modeTransaction Entry Indicator
Indicates how the track data was captured.
Valid values:
- 05 - EMV (ICC) with CVV or iCVV
- 06 - EMV (ICC) Proximity Read
- 07 - EMV (ICC) without CVV or iCVV
ssl_enc_track_data_formatEncrypted Raw Track I and/or II Data Format
Format of the track data captured from the card’s magnetic stripe.
Required if card is read from a ROAM device.
ssl_vm_mobile_sourceMobile Source
Valid values:
- BBERRY - BlackBerry Mobile Device
- ADROID - Android Mobile Device
- ITUNES - Apple Mobile Device
- WIN8 - Windows WIN8-based Device
- NOMOB - Non-mobile Device
Required for encrypting devices.
ssl_mobile_idMobile ID
Unique assigned mobile identification number of each mobile device in use as determined by the merchant.
ssl_vendor_idVendor ID
Unique vendor identifier assigned by Elavon.
Required for encrypting devices.
ssl_decline_offlineDecline Transaction Indicator
Indicates the action for the EMV card or reader to take when terminals are offline.
Valid values:
- Y - Chip card or reader declines transaction
- N - Chip card or reader approves transaction
[Invoice Number]Use only on terminals that are set up with the Invoice Number credit card payment option
ssl_invoice_numberInvoice/Ticket Number
Unique identifier of the invoice or ticket.
[Doing Business As]Use only on terminals that are set up with the DBA Name terminal option.
ssl_dynamic_dbaDoing Business As Name
Merchant-defined descriptors that replace the merchant’s business name on credit card statements.
Format: Prefix*Descriptor
Length: Prefix = 3, 7, or 12, Asterisk = 1,  Descriptor = 21 - (Prefix + Asterisk)
[Tokenization]Use only on terminals that are set up with the Tokenization terminal option.
ssl_get_tokenGenerate Token Indicator
Indicates whether to generate a token when submitting the card data.
Valid values:
- Y- Authorize transaction and generate token
- N - Do not generate token (Default)
[Tip Processing]Use only on terminals that are set up with the Market Segment set to Service
ssl_tip_amountTip or Gratuity Amount
Amount to add or update to the transaction amount.
Format: Number with 2 decimal places
ssl_serverServer ID
Unique identifier of the clerk, waiter, waitress or cashier.
ssl_shiftShift ID
Unique identifier of the time period, course or service type.
[Purchasing Cards]Use only on terminals that are set up with the Purchasing Card 2 credit card payment option
ssl_customer_codeCustomer Code or Purchase Order Number
Customer ID or PO number specified in the billing statement of the cardholder.
ssl_salestaxSales Tax
Tax amount to add to the purchase or sales amount. For a tax exempt transaction, enter 0.00.
Format: Amount with 2 decimal places.
[Travel Data]Use only on terminals that are set up with the Travel Data credit card payment option.
ssl_departure_DateTravel Departure Date
Date sent to the Merchant Airline Risk Monitoring System (MARMS) to monitor risks associated with advanced booking.
Format: MM/DD/YYYY
ssl_completion_DateTravel Completion Date
Date sent to the Merchant Airline Risk Monitoring System (MARMS) to monitor risks associated with advanced booking.
Format: MM/DD/YYYY


Field nameDescription
ssl_resultTransaction Outcome
An ssl_result = 0 indicates an approved transaction.
An ssl_result not equal to 0 indicates a declined and unauthorized transaction.
ssl_result_messageTransaction Result Message
Refer to the Debit Card Response Codes section for an extensive list of possible returned messages.
Important: When the Chip sends a decline by card, submit an emvreverse transaction to reverse an approved authorization.
ssl_response_codeAuthorization Result Code
Refer to the EMV Card Response Codes section for an extensive list of possible returned response codes.
ssl_update_emv_keysUpdate EMV Keys Indicator
Indicates whether an EMV key exchange is needed because the Issuer keys have changed.
Valid values:
Y - Perform EMV key exchange
N - Do not perform EMV key exchange
Important: If set to Y, perform an emvkeyexchange transaction.
ssl_issuer_responseIssuer Response
ssl_approval_codeTransaction Approval Code
Unique code returned by the credit card processor that indicates the approval status of the transaction.
ssl_txn_idTransaction ID
Unique identifier of the transaction.
ssl_txn_timeProcessing Date and Time
Indicates when Converge processed the transaction.
Format: MM/DD/YYYY hh:mm:ss AM/PM
Example: 03/18/2010 10:34:10 AM
ssl_account_typeAccount Type on File
Valid values:
* Checking
* Savings
* Default
ssl_card_numberMasked Card Number
Converge only returns the first 2 or last 4 digits of the regular PAN.
ssl_amountTransaction Amount
The total transaction amount that may include the Surcharge or Cashback amount.
[Invoice Number]Returned only if Invoice Number parameters are sent in the request.
ssl_invoice_numberInvoice Number
The invoice number or ticket number sent in the original request.
[Tokenization]Returned only if Tokenization parameters are sent in the request.
Generated from the credit card number.
ssl_token_responseToken Generation Outcome
A value of SUCCESS indicates Converge generated the token. Other values returned are FAILURE, Action Not Permitted, Invalid Token, Not Permitted, and Acct Verification Failed
[Tip Processing]Returned only if Tip parameters are sent in the request.
ssl_base_amountBase Amount
Original transaction amount sent in the request. Returned based on the terminal setup.
ssl_tip_amountTip Amount
Added or updated tip or gratuity amount. Returned based on the terminal setup.
ssl_serverServer ID
Server identifier sent in the request. Returned based on the terminal setup.
Shift information sent in the request. Returned based on the terminal setup.
[Integrated Circuit Card]
ssl_icc_issuerscriptIssuer Script
Returns the Issuer to the POS.
ssl_icc_csnCard Sequence Number
Differentiates the chip cards that use the same Primary Account Number (PAN).
ssl_icc_atcApplication Transaction Counter
Incrementing counter value managed by the application in the chip card.
ssl_icc_arpcIssuer Authentication Data
Contains the data sent to the chip card for online issuer authentication.
ssl_icc_cardtypeTransaction Card Type
Valid values: - Credit
- Debit
ssl_icc_cvmrCard Verification Method Result
ssl_icc_aidApplication ID
ssl_icc_app_nameApplication Name
ssl_icc_tvrTerminal Verification Result
ssl_icc_tsiTransaction Status Information
ssl_icc_arcAuthorization Response Code
ssl_card_schemeAssociation Long Name
As defined in the Converge Bank Identification Number (BIN) file.
ssl_debit_response_codeDebit Authorization Result Code
Returned by the debit gateway for Canadian debit authorization attempt.
[Error]Returned only if an error occurs. Refer to the Error Codes section for more information.
errorCodeError Code
Typically, when the transaction failed validation or the request is incorrect. This will prevent the transaction from going to authorization. This is a numeric field.
errorMessageError Message
Detailed explanation of the error. This field may be changed based on merchant configuration in the user interface.
errorNameError Name
Error name or reason for the error.