Sale - cashsale

This section describes the message parameters for Cash Sale transaction processing, which you can submit using the XML API integration method. Refer to the Integration Methods section for more information.

The cashsale transaction enters a purchase by cash.

In this section:


Field name Description Required Length Data type
ssl_merchant_id Merchant ID
Elavon-assigned Converge account ID.
Required 15 numeric
ssl_user_id Converge User ID
The user ID with Hosted Payment API User status that can send transaction requests through the terminal.
Required 15 alphanumeric
ssl_pin Terminal ID
Unique identifier of the terminal that will process the transaction request and submit to the Converge gateway.


The ssl_user_id sending the transaction request must be associated with the terminal that will process the request.
Required 64 alphanumeric
ssl_transaction_type Transaction Type
Valid value: cashsale
Required 20 alphanumeric
ssl_amount Transaction Amount
The Sale amount that includes the Net and Sales Tax amounts.
For Tip Processing, the Sale amount must not include the Tip amount.
Format: Number with 2 decimal places.
Required 11 numeric
[Tip Processing] Use only on terminals that are set up with the Market Segment set to Service
ssl_tip_amount Tip or Gratuity Amount
Amount to add or update to the transaction amount.
Format: Number with 2 decimals places
Optional 11 numeric
ssl_server Server ID
Unique identifier of the clerk, waiter, waitress or cashier.
Optional 8 alphanumeric
ssl_shift Shift ID
Unique identifier of the time period, course or service type.
Optional 4 alphanumeric


Field name Description
ssl_result Transaction Outcome
An ssl_result = 0 indicates an approved transaction.
An ssl_result not equal to 0 indicates a declined and unauthorized transaction.
ssl_result_message Transaction Result Message
Refer to the Debit Card Response Codes section for an extensive list of possible returned messages.
ssl_txn_id Transaction ID
Unique identifier of the transaction.
ssl_txn_time Processing Date and Time
Indicates when Converge processed the transaction.
Format: MM/DD/YYYY hh:mm:ss AM/PM
Example: 03/18/2010 10:34:10 AM
ssl_amount Total Authorized/Approved Transaction Amount
The amount includes the Tip amount, if submitted in the request.
[Tip Processing] Returned only if Tip parameters are sent in the request.
ssl_base_amount Base Amount
Original transaction amount sent in the request. Returned based on the terminal setup.
ssl_tip_amount Tip Amount
Added or updated tip or gratuity amount. Returned based on the terminal setup.
ssl_server Server ID
Server identifier sent in the request. Returned based on the terminal setup.
ssl_shift Shift
Shift information sent in the request. Returned based on the terminal setup.
[Error] Returned only if an error occurs. Refer to the Error Codes section for more information.
errorCode Error Code
Typically, when the transaction failed validation or the request is incorrect. This will prevent the transaction from going to authorization. This is a numeric field.
errorMessage Error Message
Detailed explanation of the error. This field may be changed based on merchant configuration in the user interface.
errorName Error Name
Error name or reason for the error.