Recurring Batch Import - ccrecimport

The ccrecimport transaction imports and processes a batch file of recurring and installment transactions.

In this section:

For the entire list of API endpoints, refer to API Endpoints.


Field nameDescriptionRequiredLengthData type
ssl_merchant_idMerchant ID
Elavon-assigned Converge Account ID (AID).
Required6 or 7numeric
ssl_user_idConverge User ID
The user ID with Hosted Payment API User status that can send transaction requests through the terminal.
ssl_pinTerminal ID
Unique identifier of the terminal that will process the transaction request and submit to the Converge gateway.
Important: The ssl_user_id sending the transaction request must be associated with the terminal that will process the request.
ssl_transaction_typeTransaction Type
Value:  ccrecimport
ssl_import_fileImport File
Describes the path, location, file name, and file extension of the import file.
  • Length of the file name (including the file extension) must not exceed 30 characters.
  • Valid file extensions are CSV and XML.
ssl_response_fileImport Response File Friendly Name
Easy to understand file name of the import response file.
Important: The value must not contain a forward slash, backward slash, colon, asterisk, question mark, quotation mark, greater than symbol, less than symbol or a pipe character.
ssl_do_merchant_emailSend Email to Merchant Indicator
Indicates whether to send emails to the merchant when transactions are approved or declined.
Valid values:
  • T - Send email to merchant
  • F - Do not send email to merchant
Defaults to T if ssl_do_merchant_email is null.
Default value - Set in terminal: E-mail Form - Email Notification Setup - Email Options - Notify Merchant of Transaction Approval / Notify Merchant of Transaction Decline
ssl_merchant_emailMerchant’s Email Address
If null and ssl_do_merchant_email = T, Converge sends the email to the email address of the terminal.
ssl_result_formatResult Format
When set to ASCII, Virtual Terminal generates a plain text key-value document.
Defaults to HTML if not sent.
Valid values:  ASCII, HTML, XML
ssl_receipt_link_methodReceipt Link Method
Indicates the method for displaying the receipt and data of an approved or declined transaction.
Valid value:  REDG - Does not display the receipt and redirects the data to the URL specified in ssl_receipt_link_url
ssl_receipt_link_urlReceipt URL
Target URL of the button or the link created at the bottom of the receipt for an approved or declined transaction.
Important: If ssl_result_format = ASCI and ssl_receipt_link_method = REDG, Converge ignores the value of this parameter.
ssl_error_urlError URL
The URL where the integrated application will send the errorCode, errorName, and errorMessage values.



The response simply indicates if the file upload was successful or not. Transactions in the file will be sent for authorization and entered into the appropriate batches in the User Interface. The import response files can be viewed and downloaded from the User Interface.

Field nameDescription
ssl_resultTransaction Outcome
An ssl_result = 0 indicates an imported batch file.
An ssl_result = 1 indicates an unsuccessful batch file import.
ssl_result_messageTransaction Result Message
A ssl_result_message = File upload successful indicates a successful file import.
A ssl_result_message = File upload failed indicates an unsuccessful file import.
ssl_user_idConverge User ID
The user ID that submitted the transaction.
Field length: 15
Data type: alphanumeric
ssl_number_transTransaction Count
The number of transactions imported from the file.
ssl_response_fileResponse File Name
ssl_recurring_batch_countRecurring Batch Count
The current number of recurring transactions in the recurring batch prior to processing the file.
[Error]Returned only if an error occurs. Refer to the Error Codes section for more information.
errorCodeError Code
When the transaction failed validation or the request is incorrect. This will prevent the transaction from going to authorization. This is a numeric field.
errorMessageError Message
Detailed explanation of the error. This field may be changed based on merchant configuration in the user interface.
errorNameError Name
Error name or reason for the error.