Batch Import Transactions

This message format is for importing and processing batch files of Credit Card, recurring or installment transactions.

The ability to import batch files is only possible through through an HTTP POST using one of the following transaction types:

  • ccimport

    This transaction is used to process a file of Credit Card transactions.

  • cctokenimport

    This transaction is used to process a file of Credit Card information for token generation.

  • ccrecimport

    This transaction is used to process a file of Credit Card Recurring transactions.

Every batch import HTTP request must include the enctype attribute of multipart/form-data, a properly formatted CSV or XML batch file along with the individual key value pairs formatted file. The POST request does not support XML-formatted data at this time.

Batch files must meet the following criteria:

  • File must be binary and the extension must be CSV or XML.
  • Only one file can be imported at any given time for any terminal.
  • There is a limit of five files per day per terminal.
  • The same file cannot be imported in the same terminal within a 24-hour period.
  • There is a limit of 500 transactions per file.
  • The CSV file must be formatted properly as follows:
    • The first line in the CSV file will contain a header with elements in lower cases.
    • Remaining lines in the CSV file will contain the transaction data. Data for a transaction should be in a single line. Data for each new transaction must be in a new line.
    • Data that pertains to an element in a transaction will be separated by a comma delimiter.
    • Order of the values provided must follow the order of fields in the header. If no value is present to accommodate the element in the header, comma and double quotes without a value must be provided as placeholder.
    • Use the double quotes to enclose each field and value.
  • XML files must be formatted properly as follows:
    • XML files must contain the root XML beginning and ending element <txnimport> for Credit Batch Import or <txnrecimport> for Recurring Batch Import.
    • Data for each transaction will be nested and embedded between beginning and ending elements <txn>.
    • A transaction data that resides between the beginning <txn> and ending </txn> elements will contain all needed XML elements and values to process a single transaction for that type of transaction.
    • The order of the tags in the XML format is not important.