Terminal Setup - terminalsetup

The terminalsetup transaction retrieves the terminal and merchant setup information.

In this section:

For the entire list of API endpoints, refer to API Endpoints.


Field nameDescriptionRequiredLengthData type
ssl_merchant_idMerchant ID
Elavon-assigned Converge Account ID (AID).
Required6 or 7numeric
ssl_user_idConverge User ID
The user ID with Hosted Payment API User status that can send transaction requests through the terminal.
ssl_pinTerminal ID
Unique identifier of the terminal that will process the transaction request and submit to the Converge gateway.
Important: The ssl_user_id sending the transaction request must be associated with the terminal that will process the request.
ssl_transaction_typeTransaction Type
Value:   terminalsetup


Field nameDescription
MerchantInformationMerchant Information Container
Contains the Merchant Information elements.
Address1Address Line 1
Address2Address Line 2
CityCity’s Name
StateProviceState Code/Province Code
PostalCodeZIP or Postal Code
ContactNameContact’s Name
ContactPhone1Contact’s Primary Phone Number
ContactPhone2Contact’s Alternate Phone Number 2
ContactEmailContact’s Email Address
TerminalEmailTerminal’s Email Address
SMSEmailMerchant’s Email Address
MerchantURLURL Address
TerminalInformationTerminal Information Container
Contains the Terminal Information elements.
vm_friendly_nameTerminal Name
As set up by Elavon.
vm_regionRegion of Business
vm_time_zoneTime Zone
vm_currencyISO Currency Code
vm_market_segmentMarket Segment
vm_statusTerminal Status
vm_processing_typeProcessing Type
Terminal-based Only
vm_payment_typesPayment Types
Indicates if the terminal is set up (Y) or not set up (N) for these payment types:
  • Credit - Credit Card
  • Debit - Debit Card
  • Gift - Gift Card
  • ECheck - Electronic Check
  • FoodStamp - Food Stamp Card
  • CashBenefit - Cash Benefit Card
  • Cash - Cash
vm_card_brandsCard Brand Indicator
Indicates if the terminal is set up to accept payments from specific card brands.
Valid values:
  • Y - Set up to accept payment from card brand
  • N - Not set up to accept payment from card brand
vm_credit_optionCredit Card Payment Option Indicator
Indicates if the terminal is set up (Y) or not set up (N) for these credit card payment options:
  • AVS - Address Verification Service
  • CVN - Card Verification
  • Purchase Card - Purchase Card
  • DCC - Dynamic Currency Conversion
  • MCC - Multi-Currency Conversion
  • Recurring - Recurring
  • Last4digits - Last 4 Digits
  • TravelData - Travel Data
  • AccountUpater - Account Updater
vm_recurring_optionDefault Recurring Options
  • Frequency - Billing Cycle
  • Payments - Number of Payments
vm_debit_optionDebit Card Payment Options
Indicates the terminal’s default debit card payment setup:
  • Cashback - Set up (Y) or not set up (N) for cashback
  • cashbackmaxamount - Maximum Cashback Amount
  • Surcharge - Set up (Y) or not set up (N) for surcharge
  • SurchargeAmount - Surcharge Amount
vm_echeck_optionElectronic Check Options
Indicates the terminal’s default electronic check setup:
  • CheckType - Check Type
  • TransactionType - Check Transaction Option
  • ImageUploadOption - Image Upload Option for Paper Check
  • Recurring - Set up (Y) or not set up (N) for ACH Recurring
vm_transaction_entryAPI Option
Indicates the terminal’s default API setup:
  • EnableHTTPSTransaction - Set up (Y) or not set up (N) for API
  • EnableHTTPSBatch - Set up (Y) or not set up (N) for batch import API
  • EnableVMM - Set up (Y) or not set up (N) for Converge Mobile
vm_tokenizationTokenization Option
Indicates if the terminal is set up (Y) or not set up (N) for tokenization.



  • In this example, you will have to change the data values, such as my_merchant_id, my_user_id, my_pin, and transaction data to match your Converge account and meet the needs of your website.
  • Code samples provided are for demonstration only and should not be used for live transactions. All sensitive merchant data, including transaction amounts and your Converge credentials, should be placed in server side code.




    <MerchantName>ABC COMPANY</MerchantName>
    <Address1>123 MAIN STREET</Address1><Address2/>
    <City>ANY CITY</City>
    <vm_friendly_name>MY STORE</vm_friendly_name>