Merchant View

As a merchant, you can define which products allow subscriptions, view and edit subscription records, and create an order with subscription products.

Product configuration

If the terminal supports subscriptions, you can create a subscription product. Go to Catalog -> Product and create a new product or edit the product you want to turn into a subscription. On the product form, go to the Subscriptions section toward the bottom.

  • Enable: This option controls if the product can be purchased as a subscription or not. If set to yes, then the subscription options will take effect after save.

  • Allow one-time purchase: The product can be also purchased without subscriptions, by setting this option to yes. Therefore, you can configure a product to support both options: with and without subscriptions.

  • Subscription options. If subscriptions are allowed,

    • Billing cycle: this option represents the frequency of the recurring payments and can have one of the following values: Daily, Weekly, Biweekly, Semimonthly, Monthly, Bimonthly, Quarterly, Semester, Semiannually and Annually.

    • Bill on half: this option is available only if the Billing Cycle is Semimonthly. The values for this field are: 1st and the 15th of the month and 15th and the last day of the month.

    • End of Month: this option is available only if the Billing Cycle is Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly, Semester or Semi-Annually, Annually. The values for this field are: Yes and No.

    • Price: this option represents the value that will be added (if positive) or subtracted (if negative) to/from the product price. Please do not define a negative price higher than the product price.

    • Price Type: this field has two options: “Fixed” and “Percent.” The default value is “Fixed”.

View subscription table

As a merchant, you can view the list of subscriptions under Sale -> Subscriptions. If you select one of the subscriptions, you can view more details and edit it.

Once you have selected a subscription from the table, the first tab contains details about the subscription and account information. You can edit the billing cycle, bill on half, and end of month fields. The next payment date will be calculated automatically based on changes for the billing cycle, bill on half, end of month and you will be informed about those changes when trying to save the subscription.

Subscriptions page displaying details of the subscription as described in this section

The second tab in the detailed view for the subscription contains information about the items ordered, such as product name, price, taxes, shipping, discounts and total amount. This information cannot be edited.

The third tab in the detailed view for the subscription contains information about card, expiration date and the billing address. All fields can be edited.

The fourth tab in the detailed view for the subscription contains information about the shipping address, the shipping method and shipping amount. The fields for the shipping address can be edited.

The fifth tab in the detailed view for the subscription contains information about what happened with the subscription since it was created.

Customer view

Placing an order with subscription products

You can select products with subscriptions from the store and add them to the cart.

When you select one of the subscription options for which the merchant has defined a price, you will see the product price changing based on the price for the selected subscription.

The price change defined for one subscription option applies at product level. Therefore, if you buy more than one product, each product price will be modified with the amount defined for the subscription option.

After choosing a subscription option for the product, the details can be reviewed by opening the shopping cart.

Example of a newspaper subscription in the shopping cart with payment options time-based options: one time, monthly, semiannually, for example

View my subscriptions

Customers can view their subscriptions by navigating to the following screen: Magento Store -> My Account -> My Subscriptions.

After selecting a subscription, you can view the details about the product, billing and shipping addresses, the frequency, start and next payment date, last run and the history.