Admin View

As a merchant you will be able to perform additional action on already captured transactions directly from Magento Admin page without opening Converge screens.


Cancel action is only permitted on Authorization Only transactions in Magento. Once this type of transaction is captured from Store View, the merchant can go to the following screen:

  • Magento Admin -> Sales -> Orders -> View Order -> View (actual order #)

Clicking Cancel in Magento deletes the transaction in Converge (similar to the Void action). The transaction is in a cancelled state in Magento which prevents the merchant from making any additional changes to this order, even offline.


Void action is only permitted on Sale transactions in Magento.

Clicking Void in Magento deletes the transaction in Converge, but the status of the order in Magento will stay in ‘processing’ state. Once the transaction is Voided, the connection between Magento and Converge is lost and any further changes to this order are limited to Magento only; no changes to Converge are possible.

Capture (Convert to Sale)

The Capture action is available for Authorization only transactions, as they have to be converted to Sale before Invoice is created for them. To convert Authorization only transactions to Sale you will need to create it, open the order from Magento Admin (same as canceling a payment) and click the Invoice button.

You will be presented with Invoice creation screen. At the bottom of the screen you see a dropdown with 3 options:

  • Not Capture

  • Capture Offline

  • Capture Online

Not Capture

Selecting Not Capture in the dropdown and clicking the Submit Invoice button will create new Invoice in Magento, but nothing will be sent to Converge. The invoice will stay in Pending state, and once invoice is opened you will have Capture button which can be used to actually Capture (convert to Sale) the transaction in Converge.

Capture Offline

Selecting Capture Offline in the dropdown of Invoice creation screen and clicking on Submit Invoice button is used when the merchant wants to manually convert a transaction to Sale (e.g. problem occurred). In Magento, the invoice will be captured with status PAID, but nothing will be sent to Converge, so merchant needs to make sure that transaction in Converge is properly processed. Merchant will no longer have option to make changes to transaction in Converge from Magento screens.

Capture Online

Selecting Capture Online in the dropdown of Invoice creation screen and clicking Submit Invoice is used when the merchant wants to automatically convert an underlying transaction to Sale in Converge. Invoice will be captured with status PAID, but unlike the capture offline action, merchant will still be able to make additional API calls to Converge for this transaction (e.g. refund…).

Mageto admin console Invoices screen with paid status outlined for an example invoice

Partial Capture (Partial Invoice)

Similar to previously explained action for capturing invoice, there is one more functionality where merchants may choose to create several invoices for the same order (when quantity is > 1).

To be able to capture partial invoice you have to either create order with quantity > 1 and it should be created as Authorization Only transaction.

Once created, you should perform all the same steps as for normal Capture action with one small difference where you need to update quantity of each product for each invoice you want to create. you can repeat this process until sum of quantities on all invoices is equal to total original quantity on order.

On invoice creation screen you will see an option to update quantity for each product on the order, which will, after you click on Update Qty’s button, update the amount that will be sent to Converge. You will still have same options as if you were capturing full invoice (Not Capture, Capture Offline and Capture Online).

Magento console Invoice screen with quantity options outlined as per the example described in this section

To view all created invoices and their statuses, navigate to the Invoices tab on selected order.

Manual Settle

All previously explained actions were related to Authorization Only transactions. For settlement you need to have captured transaction meaning that you either create Authorization Only transaction and you convert it to Sale, or you use Authorize and Capture option and create transaction and Invoice automatically.

Each captured transaction will have Invoice in PAID state, so to trigger Settle manually you need to open paid Invoice. Merchant will use this option when he wants to send transaction to settled batch earlier than usual, as usually all Sale transactions are automatically sent to settled batch in Converge at the end of business day.

Once you open Invoice with status PAID, you will see Settle button which will move transaction to Settled Batch in Converge immediately (not waiting end of the day). This action can be performed only once and it is available only during the day when the transaction is captured.

After you click Settle, the transaction is moved to Settled Batch in Converge, and you will see that status in the comment section of the order. An example message is, “Customer NOT NOTIFIED. Invoice is scheduled for Settlement.”

Refund (Credit Memo)

As cancel action is only available for Authorization Only transaction, the merchant will need to capture Credit Memo to return funds to the Credit Card owner.

Once you open invoice with status paid, you will see Credit Memo button to initiate creation of refund transaction. Clicking on the button will open Credit Memo capture screen and on the bottom of that screen you will see two options:

  • Refund Offline

  • Refund

Refund Offline

This option is used when merchants wants to create Refund transaction manually in Converge, so this will only update Magento flow to match whatever is done manually. Clicking on the button will not send anything to Converge.

Refund Online

This option is used when merchant wants to initiate Refund transaction directly from Magento screen. Once you click on the Refund button, Return transaction with amount indicated on Credit Memo screen will be sent to Converge.

Magento framework is making sure that you are not able to create refund amount greater than total amount on original transaction as well as shipping amount greater than original shipping amount.

Partial Refund

Similar to Partial Invoice merchant has an option to create Partial Refund (Credit Memo) based on the quantity of products on selected invoice.

Once you open invoice (with quantity > 1) and start creating Credit Memo for it, you will be presented with option to update quantity field, which will automatically update amounts (total, shipping) on credit memo screen.

Once updated you will still have an option to perform both Refund Offline and Refund actions as for normal Credit Memo with added functionality that you can have more than one Credit Memo per Invoice.

Magento will make sure that sum of all credit memos created for same invoice is not larger than original amount on invoice.

Order creation in merchant view

As a merchant, you can create an order by navigating to Sales -> Orders and click Create New Order.

Once you have selected the button for creating a new order, you will have to choose a customer from the list or create a new one.

After selecting the customer, you have to select the products that you would like to include in the new order and to click on the “Add Selected Product(s) to Oder” button.

After selecting the product, you will have to review the information for billing and shipping addresses and to define the payment and shipping methods. Once you click on Submit order, the order will be created.