Back Office Configuration

An overview of all transactions and Converge related settings can be found in the Converge BackOffice:

After successful installation, please follow the steps below to configure the various integration options supported by this plugin.

Log in to the Magento Admin Panel and navigate to Stores -> Configuration under the Sales heading click the Payments Methods.

On top of the page there will be a field called Store View, where you can find different levels for your configuration. Choosing one of the levels available will influence the fields available for configuration for the Converge Gateway payment method.

The only field from the configuration page available for the store level is the title of plugin.

Under the OTHER PAYMENT METHODS section you can find Converge Gateway configuration panel. The configuration panel contains three sections:

  • The first section - “Converge Gateway”
  • The second section - “Basic Converge Payment Settings”
  • The third section - “Advanced Converge Payment Settings”

Screen shot of Converge Gateway configuration panel with the 3 sections as described further in this section

Converge Gateway Configuration

This section is displayed under the title of the payment method, the other two sections being collapsed by default. It contains the following fields:

  • Environment
  • Gateway Region
  • Module version
  • Merchant ID
  • User ID
  • User PIN
  • Terminal name


This dropdown is used to switch between Sandbox and Production environment. By default Sandbox is selected and this enables users to test out payment method without using real credit cards.

Converge Gateway Region

This option has currently only one value, Converge NA. Converge EU will be added once the functionalities are available.

Module version

This option is not configurable, it is showing the currently installed version of Converge plugin.

Merchant ID, User ID and User PIN

To configure the plugin to work with Converge, you will need to have the following data and enter them in their corresponding fields:

  • Converge Merchant ID
  • Converge User ID
  • Converge User pin

Terminal name

This field represents the name provided by Converge once a new terminal is setup. The values for this field is displayed after you click “Terminal Setup”.

Image of the Terminal name field and Terminal Setup button

Basic Payment Settings


This option allows you to enter a specific title. By default, the title is set to Payment method (ConvergeGateway).


By default this option is set to NO and it needs to be changed to YES for Converge plugin option to show up on checkout page.

Recurring Enabled

The value for this field is determined based on the options supported by the terminal and cannot be edited. Also, the value for this field determines if the section for subscriptions from the product configuration is displayed or not.


If recurring is enabled on the terminal, the following options are not currently supported:

  • Wallets/gift cards will not be supported
  • HPP will not be displayed as an integration method

Payment Action

This dropdown enables user to select how they want transaction to be captured in Converge:

  • Authorize -> Order amount will only be authorized on Credit Card used for the transaction, and merchant will have to create invoice to capture this amount from Magento.
  • Authorize and Capture -> Sale transaction will be captured for this option, invoice will be created automatically and no additional action is needed from merchant side for this transaction to be settled.

Integration Method

This dropdown enables user to select the integration method:

  • Hosted Payment Page (PCI SAQ A) -> the merchant redirects the customer away from the merchant's website to the securely externally-hosted HPP.
  • Checkout.js (PCI SAQ A-EP) -> this is an integration method where the webpage is generated by Magento and displayed on the cardholder browser. The Payment data is collected on the browser and sent to Converge for processing. The response is sent back to the browser and appropriate action taken.

License Code

This value for this field is provided by Converge and should be sent with each transaction.

Save for later use message

This field allows the merchant to define a message that is displayed to the user when they are trying to save card for later use.

Disclosure message for subscription options

This field allows the merchant to define a message that is displayed to the user when he is trying to place an order with subscription products. The default message will be: “By placing your order, you agree to the recurring charges.” This message will be displayed to the customer next to the Place Order button.

Advanced Payment Settings

Merchant name

This option is not editable and is loaded from Converge.


This option is not configurable and is loaded from Converge, displayed to the user and used to limit the selection for other options like the language.

Payment Types Accepted

This field is not configurable, it is displaying the available options for the selected terminal. Besides the response from Converge Terminal, the options are influenced by the Payment action type. If Authorize option is selected, all options except Credit Card are removed.

The possible values are:

  • Credit Card
  • ACH
  • Gift Card

Credit Cards Accepted

This field is not configurable, it is displaying the available options for the selected terminal. The possible values are:

  • VISA
  • Master Card
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • JCB (Japan Credit Bureau)
  • CUP (China UnionPay)

Wallets enabled

This field is not configurable, it is displaying the available options for the selected terminal. The possible values are:

  • Click to Pay
  • PayPal
  • Apple Pay

Please note that If the recurring functionality is enabled, wallets will be disabled. The wallets form this field will be hidden and replaced with the message “None - Recurring is enabled”.

Wallets enabled field displaying the message “None - recurring is enabled”

Currency Conversion

Values for this option are loaded from Converge, displayed to the user and use only to show the possible features in the future.

The possible values are:

  • Multi-Currency Conversion – coming soon

  • Dynamic Currency Conversion – coming soon

Language Translations

This field is a dropdown where the language options are displayed for a selected region.

Value Added Service

Values for this option are loaded from Converge, displayed to the user based on terminal settings. The possible values are:

  • Recurring billing - if this option is available for the terminal, the merchant will be able to configure subscriptions for a product.
  • Tokenization - if the terminal allows tokenization, the customers will have the option to save cards for later use.
  • Level 3 data - this options allow sending additional data with each transaction based on the data provided by the merchant.
  • 3D Secure - if this option is enabled for the terminal, the transactions will be authenticated using 3D Secure in case the card is enrolled in 3DS.

Log level

This field allows you to define the level for the logging. The options are Debug, Error, and Critical. These values indicate the severity, Debug being the lowest level and Critical the highest one. By default, the value is set to Debug.

Currency Setup

Based on terminal settings, the values for Base Currency, Default Display Currency and Allowed Currencies from Stores -> Configuration -> General -> Currency setup are filled automatically and are disabled for the user.