Introduction and Installation

This guide contains step-by-step instructions on installing the Converge plugin for Magento. It also shows how to use all the plugin’s features. In order to get started, you must have the following items:

  • Converge Merchant ID
  • Converge API User ID
  • Converge User PIN
  • Download the plugin below

The plugin has been tested and proven to work with the Community 2.4.3-p1 version of Magento 2.

To integrate using Magento, you will need to contact the Software Technical Support Team or Customer Service at 1-800-377-3962 | Option 2 | Option 2 to:

  • Register and add the IP address and Web URL of your server as allowed sites.
  • Set a Converge User ID with a Hosted Payment API User status with permission to post a session token request.
  • Associate the Converge User ID with the eCommerce terminal.

Installation Steps

1.1 Installation Requirements and Guide for Magento 2

You have to install Magento 2 before you can install the Converge plugin for Magento.

Magento provides a list of the requirements for installing Magento 2 on their websiteLink opens new window.

To install Magento 2, please follow the Magento Installation GuideLink opens new window available


Only Linux distributions support Magento.

Magento is not supported on machines running Windows or Mac OS.

Please see the Magento site for more detail:

1.2 Installation for Converge Plugin using COMMAND LINE

  1. Download the plugin.

  2. Unzip archive

  3. Login to your Magento 2.x hosting site using SSH connection

  4. Open the Magento root directory

  5. The content of unzipped extension should be copied into the Magento “app/code” folder

    Magento root folder structure should look like this

    The files structure of a program open in an IDE.

  6. To enable module from console line open the Magento root directory and run command: bin/magento module:enable Elavon_ConvergePayment

    • The list of enabled modules can be checked with the following command: bin/magento module:status
  7. To update the database schema and modules run command: bin/magentosetup:upgrade

  8. To clear the cache run the command:bin/magento cache:flush

This completes the module installation.