Service Fees

Converge is able to associate either a service fee with any credit card. Converge can use service fees to charge the transaction amount and service fee amount separately. The payment form and confirmation receipt will list both amounts for the cardholder’s records.

Converge also provides the option to display an acceptance page for terms and conditions.

This option is available for the following integration methods:

  • Converge’s Hosted Payments Page
  • Checkout.js


Service fee transactions obey the following rules:

  • The service fee processes before the main transaction.
  • The service fee is non-refundable after the main transaction finishes processing.
  • If the service fee transaction declines or fails to process, the main transaction also declines.
  • If the main transaction declines or fails to process, the service fee immediately refunds to the payees account.

Setting Default Service Fees

The default service fees are set in Converge UI during terminal setup. Please contact Software Support if custom amounts are required.