Multi-Currency Conversion - MCC

Multi-Currency Conversion allows the merchant to sell products and services in a variety of currencies but receive their funding from Elavon in just one currency. MCC is beneficial to merchants with websites that target particular demographics in countries other than their own.

For example, a US merchant’s website targets customers in Europe, displays prices in Euro (EUR), processes payments in EUR but clears payments in US Dollars (USD) through a US bank account. Another example is a Canadian merchant’s website that targets customers in Australia, processes transactions in Australian Dollars (AUD), and deposits payments in Canadian Dollars (CAD) to a Canadian bank account.

When a terminal is set up with the Multi-Currency  option:

  • By default, the terminal can process transactions in the following currencies: US Dollar (USD), Canadian Dollar (CAD), Pound Sterling (GBP), Australian Dollar (AUD), Euro (EUR), and Japanese Yen (YEN).
  • The terminal only supports MCC transactions paid with MasterCard and Visa. For other card brands, the terminal can only process transactions using the USD or CAD currency.
  • The terminal only allows auto-settlement.

The following Credit Card transactions support MCC:

Transaction Processing

To process a credit card transaction for multi-currency conversion, the transaction request must include the ssl_transaction_currency and ssl_amount parameters.

Converge uses the exchange rates provided by Elavon’s designated currency exchange desk provider to convert the transaction amount from the submission currency to the single funding currency on the merchant’s account.

If the original transaction needs adjustment (through cccomplete, ccvoid, ccupdatetip or ccreturn), exclude the ssl_transaction_currency parameter from the request. The mentioned transactions will carry the original value of the transaction currency in the request.

For the ssl_amount value, use the number of decimal places that corresponds to the currency code passed to the ssl_transaction_currency parameter. Most currencies support 2 exponents (decimal places) except for the following:

Currency CodeCurrency NameExponents
JPYJapanese Yen0
KRWSouth Korean Won0
XAFGabon Franc0
XOFIvory Coast Franc0
ISKIcelandic Króna0
XPFFrench Polynesian Franc0
BHDBahraini Dinar3
JODJordanian Dinar3
KWDKuwaiti Dinar3
LYDLibyan Dinar3
OMROmani Rial3
TNDTunisian Dinar3


  • For JPY, there are no exponents after the decimal point. Any number after the decimal point is ignored.
  • When the currency is BHD and if there are 3 digits after the decimal point, Converge automatically rounds up (1.236 to 1.24) or rounds down (1.235 to 1.23) the transaction amount to 2 exponents.
  • For ISK, the currency decimalization is changed from ‘2’ to ‘0’ for Authorizations and Submissions.



  • In this example, you will have to change the data values, such as my_merchant_id, my_user_id, my_pin, and transaction data to match your Converge account and meet the needs of your website.
  • Code samples provided are for demonstration only and should not be used for live transactions. All sensitive merchant data, including transaction amounts and your Converge credentials, should be placed in server side code.




        <ssl_txn_id>AA47AE-BD32FF54-BE12-4046-98E9- F78E9D75212D</ssl_txn_id>
        <ssl_txn_time>11/19/2013 12:02:29 AM</ssl_txn_time>