Integration Methods

Converge API offers the following integration methods:


  • Support for GET Method is deprecated for and and should not be used to post transaction requests to Converge.

Hosted Payments

This integration method is suitable for businesses that need a checkout page that is:

  • Simple to use and implement
  • Secure
  • ADA Compliant
  • Leaves sensitive information handling entirely to Converge

Hosted Payments Page (HPP)

The HPP template of Converge helps create modern and responsive checkout pages by linking websites to Converge-hosted checkout pages branded with the logos and color schemes of the businesses.

Refer to the Hosted Payments Page section for more information.


The Lightbox implementation of Hosted Payments uses an iframe to embed the payment form as an overlay to your online shop. When Lightbox is invoked, your online shop darkens out and the payment page appears as a floating element on top.

Refer to the Lightbox section for more information.


Checkout.js gives the flexibility to customize checkout pages and the ability to use functional calls to submit transactions to Converge from a customer’s web browser.

Checkout.js is ideal for businesses that want to:

  • Fully control the design of their payment page.
  • Use Converge to securely collect customer data and process payments.
  • Maintain a consistent look and feel throughout their website.

Refer to the Checkout.js section for more information.


XML API integration is ideal for businesses that want to:

  • Completely control the checkout process.
  • Directly integrate with Converge.
  • Collect payment data using their own servers and pass that information to Converge for processing.


New API Parameters:

  • We will occasionally add new API parameters in Converge’s responses and Export Scripts (webhooks). We urge you to build flexibility into your integrated application so that when a new API parameter is received in the response, it is ignored by your application until you decide to take action on the new parameter.

Refer to the XML API section for more information.


  • Elavon recommends reviewing the Integration Best Practices section to obtain guidelines in writing and configuring integrated applications that will interface with Converge.
  • Elavon recommends reviewing the Data Security Compliance section to ensure that all integrated applications and networks are within the PCI-DSS guidelines.