Electronic Gift Card (EGC) Response Codes

An EGC authorization request can return the following values:

NDINVLD TERM ID 1Invalid Merchant Number
NDSEQ ERR PLS CALLCall support for help with this error
NDAPPL TYPE ERRORCall support for help with this error
01DECLINED-HELP 9999Host Busy
02INVALID CARDInvalid Card
03INVALID TERM IDInvalid Terminal ID
04AMOUNT ERRORTran Amount Error
05ALREADY ACTIVECard already active
06REQ. EXCEEDS BAL.Request exceeds balance
07Message MAX REACHEDDefinition Cannot load the amount specified
08NON RELOADABLEThe card cannot reload
09TRAN NOT ALLOWEDTransaction type not allowed
10INVLD TRAN TYPETransaction type not on server
11EXPIRED CARDExpired card or bad expiration date
12CARD NOT ACTIVEThe Gift Card is not activated
13DUPLICATE TRANDuplicate transaction
14SEQ ERR PLS CALLCall support for help with this error
15SEQ ERR PLS CALLSequence does not match previous response
16INVALID BATCH IDBatch ID is not on the server
17INVALID TENDERTender types is not on the server
99DECLINED-HELP 9999General System Error