AVS Response Codes

This is a list of the values returned during an authorization request in the ssl_result_message field.

Authorization Response Messages return an AVS Response Code when AVS information is present in the transaction authorization request.

AVS Response Code Definition
A Address matches - ZIP Code does not match
B Street address match, Postal code in wrong format (international issuer)
C Street address and postal code in wrong formats
D Street address and postal code match (international issuer)
E AVS Error
F Address does compare and five-digit ZIP code does compare (UK only)
G Service not supported by non-US issuer
I Address information not verified by international issuer
M Street Address and Postal code match (international issuer)
N No Match on Address (Street) or ZIP
O No Response sent
P Postal codes match, Street address not verified due to incompatible formats
R Retry, System unavailable or Timed out
S Service not supported by issuer
U Address information is unavailable
W 9-digit ZIP matches, Address (Street) does not match
X Exact AVS Match
Y Address (Street) and 5-digit ZIP match
Z 5-digit ZIP matches, Address (Street) does not match