Getting Started

The Converge API enables you to write a point-of-sale application (website, software application, shopping cart, etc.) that interfaces with the Converge payment gateway to process credit card, debit card, food stamp, cash benefit, electronic check, gift card, recurring, and installment transactions.

Converge supports various Point of Sale DevicesLink opens new window.

This section covers the steps necessary to complete the integration of your payment solution with Converge.

  1. Select an appropriate Integration Method to implement for the merchant’s payment solution.

  2. Contact Elavon Support to request a Solution Engineer to assist you with your integration.

  3. Test your Integration.

  4. Go Live.


New API Parameters:

  • We will occasionally add new API parameters in Converge’s responses and Export Scripts (webhooks). We urge you to build flexibility into your integrated application so that when a new API parameter is received in the response, it is ignored by your application until you decide to take action on the new parameter.

Integration Methods

Converge API offers the following integration methods that feature HTTPS Authorization (SSL) Interfaces to process transactions for payment integration. The below table lists out the features of the Converge integration methods:

Integration MethodEase of IntegrationMarket SegmentCard Present/Card Not PresentService Provider PCIMerchant PCI SAQ TypeNumber of Questions (PCI-DSS v3.2)Customization
Hosted Payments PageEasyeCommerceCNP-SAQ A22Minimal
LightboxEasyeCommerceCNP-SAQ A22Minimal
Checkout.jsMediumeCommerceCNPPCI Level 1SAQ A - EP191Extensive
XML APIHardRetail, Service, MOTO, eCommerceCP, CNPPCI Level 1SAQ D250Extensive


PCI requirements for Integrated Partners:

  • If a partner has access to payment card data, one is required to validate PCI compliance as a PCI Level 1 Service Provider annually. This requires the submission of a Report on Compliance (ROC) based on an on-site audit completed by a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) before processing.
  • Subsequently, Card Brand registration is also required. PCI validation must be completed and documentation provided in order to execute the registration process with each card brand network annually.

You will need to determine the integration method that best suites the organization’s business model and your programming capabilities.

Contact Elavon Support

Before starting your integration, you must request a Converge demo account from Elavon’s Software Technical Support or Internet Product Support Group. The demo account provides the environment for integration development, certification, and future user acceptance testing (UAT).


Converge demo and production sites use SHA-2 Certificates and will require TLS 1.2 connections.

To request a Converge demo account, contact Elavon Internet Product Support Group.

If you lost your account credentials, contact Software Technical Support using the above email address.

You must provide your email address to the support team, when they contact you. All accounts are built as internet market segment, but it can be edited to a different market segment upon request.

You must also request to switch on the Enabled HTTPS Transaction option to be able to submit transactions from an integrated application.

For demo environment, you will need to refer to pre-programmed response list. For more details on that, contact Elavon’s Software Technical Support and ask for a copy. Demo environment uses specific cent amounts to simulate the various issuer responses.

After the Elavon system administrator sets up your demo account to process transactions through an integrated application using the Converge API, you will receive an email containing the following information:

  • Converge Demo URL
  • Converge Demo Login Credentials
    • Account ID (Merchant ID)
    • User ID or Merchant Administrator ID
    • Password
  • Converge API Authentication Credentials
    • ssl_merchant_id
    • ssl_user_id
    • ssl_pin
    • ssl_vendor_id
  • Converge Demo and Production Endpoints
  • Related Information

Once your Converge demo account is ready for use, you will be using the appropriate integration method for your payment solution.

Test your integration

Once you have integrated your payment solution with Converge, we recommend that you test the integration. Here are the important links needed for testing your integration before going live:

  • Use the demo endpoints when testing your integration.
  • Only use Elavon-approved card numbers to test your integration. Refer to the Test Cards section for more information.
  • If you face any errors while testing, refer to the Error Codes section.
  • For details on transaction processes and important notice, refer to Best Practices section.

Go Live

  • Replace the demo endpoints with the production endpoints when you finish testing your integration.
  • Activate your production account by contacting Elavon support.
  • Use real cards to connect with Elavon’s production server.
  • Go Live!