Web UI Configuration

To start processing transactions with Billing and Invoicing for Hospitality, you’ll need to confirm the state of several settings in the Converge Web UI. Begin by logging into the Converge web user interface, then perform the following procedures.

Get Terminal Information

  1. Click the Settings Tab to access the settings menu.
  2. Click Terminal information.
  3. Check the Merchant ID and Terminal ID.
  4. Confirm that the Terminal’s Market Segment is Service.
  5. Confirm that the Terminal has Tokenization and accepts API Transactions.

Configure Invoice Merchant Settings

You can configure the information in the Merchant object in the Converge Web UI with the following processes.

  1. On the Settings Tab, click Invoices & Quotes.
  2. In the Invoices and Quotes page, click the Merchant header.
  3. Enter the following information.
    • a. Company Name
    • b. Company Contact Address
    • c. Contact Email
    • d. Contact Phone Number (optional)
    • e. Company Website (optional)
  4. Upload a logo for your company to use on merchant templates.
  5. Select all payment types you want to accept for invoices.
  6. Select all Additional Options you want to support for invoices.

When you finish, click save.

Configure Invoices

Before sending an invoice or quote, you’ll need to configure default settings for invoices and quotes in the UI. Configure invoices with the following procedure.

  1. On the Invoices and Quotes page, click the Invoices/Quotes Setup tab.
  2. Set a theme for your invoices by either picking from the pre-configured themes or entering your own color values and font.
  3. Use the Default Tax toggle to enable or disable taxes.
  4. Configure whether taxes should apply as a flat amount or a percentage of the total purchased.
  5. Use the Customer Authentication toggle to enable or disable customer authentication.
  6. If you enable authentication, set the two methods you will accept for customer authentication.
  7. Use the Override Email Requirement toggle to set whether creating an invoice requires a customer invoice.
  8. Set a default due date for your invoices.
  9. Set any custom invoice policies or return policies your invoices will need to display.
  10. Set any quote terms your quotes will need.

When you finish, click save.

Configure Invoice Email Templates

When you send an invoice email using the /invoices/{invoice-id}/send-email endpoint, Converge generates the invoice email by placing the invoice information in an email template for each of the types of emails the Invoicing feature can send. Set up email templates with the following procedure.

  1. On the Invoices and Quotes page, click the Email tab.
  2. Enter the template text for each of the available Invoice Email types.

When you finish, click save.