An error code will return when a transaction fails to process through billing and invoicing / hospitality.

2xx Status Codes

2xx status codes confirm success.

Status CodeSuccess Description
200Successful - Received your request and responded.
201Created - Created a new resource based on your request.
202Accepted - Entered the information you sent in your request.
204Deleted - Deleted the information specified in your request or else there wasn’t anything there to begin with.

Billing and Invoicing / Hospitality Specific Error Codes

These codes describe errors that billing and invoicin / hospitality can encounter while processing a transaction. These are not HTTP errors and will return as part of 2xx status codes

Error CodeDescription
BIE0000Internal Error
BIE0001Not Authorized
BIE0002Already Exists
BIE0003Internal Error
BIE0004Not Found
BIE0005Validation Error
BIE0006Missing Data
BIE0007Cannot transfer on Invoice
BIE0008Unsupported File extension
BIE0009Cannot Update Status
BIE0010Incorrect Statue state
BIE0011Unsupported Media Type
BIE0012Max count exceeded

4xx Status Codes

4xx status codes show a problem with the request. Do not retry the request without addressing the problem.

Status CodeFailure Description
400Bad Request - Expected authorization header is missing or empty
403Not Authorized - Failed to authenticate
404Resource Not Found - The requested resource does not exist
412A Precondition Failed - You attempted to create a preexisting resource

5xx Error Codes

5xx status codes return on a server proble. Billing and invoicing / hospitality may be unable to return a standard error response for these.

Status CodeFailure Description
500Internal Server Error
503Service Unavailable