Billing and Invoicing / Hospitality Overview

With billing and invoicing API, small businesses can send quotes or invoices by email and collect payments online.

The hospitality API gives the hotel industry a way to make payments for services, amenities, or events when the card is not present.

Elavon can setup billing and invoicing / hospitality as part of terminal setup. The billing and invoicing / hospitality API comprises of a set of features that lets Converge users:

  • Create invoices and quotes
  • Email quotes and invoices to customers
  • Track the status of quotes and invoices
  • Apply sales tax
  • Capture custom field data
  • Capture billing address

The billing and invoicing API captures the shipping address along with the billing address, while the hospitality API captures only the billing address. The hospitality API includes event planning fields and performs manual/auto archival of data after any event. 

This guide is for developers, integrating partners and merchants interested in integrating with billing and invoicing or hospitality.

This guide can be used to learn the configuration and the basics of the billing and invoicing / hospitality API.