To begin processing requests and receiving responses from the billing and invoicing / hospitality API, do the following:

  • Start a session with the API by posting an authentication request to the https://{environment} endpoint.
  • After processing the request, the gateway will respond with a session token.
  • Include this token to validate further requests to the gateway.

Diagram explaining the authentication flow involving request from your application and response from Elavon Gateway

Authentication Requirements

You will need two api keys to authenticate to the billing and invoicing / hospitality API. 

  • Consumer key
  • Secret

Elavon will provide these keys when you start your project. You will receive different versions of both keys for testing and production environments.

To authenticate, you’ll need to concatenate your consumer key and secret and encode them as a base 64 string. You’ll use this string as the value for the authorization header in requests to the /token endpoint. The following authentication URLs provide the token endpoint:

  • Test:
  • Production:

For more information, refer to the billing and invoicing API reference and hospitality API reference.