Billing and Invoicing / Hospitality Getting Started

Before You Start

Recommended Knowledge

If you are not already familiar with HTTP protocolsLink opens new window protocols and REST APIsLink opens new window, take some time to familiarize yourself with them before you start working with billing and invoicing / hospitality.

Set Up Your Development Environment

To get started, we recommend having the following software for working with the billing and invoicing / hospitality API.

  • A REST API Client like PostmanLink opens new window or client transfer protocol like cURLLink opens new window
  • Your website must run on a webserver with the following specifications:
    • SHA-2 Certification
    • TLS 1.2 Enabled

Get Started

Configure Converge

To get started with billing and invoicing / hospitality, you will need to have the following pieces of information:

  1. An account with Converge.
  2. A Converge terminal set to the service segment.
  3. Access to the Converge demo environment.
  4. A consumer key and secret

Get Converge Account from Admin

If you do not already have a Converge account ID for integrating with Converge API, contact your Converge account administrator and ask them to create an account in the converge Demo environment with API user permissions enabled. When your administrator finishes creating your account, you will receive an email with your consumer key and secret.

Confirm Web UI Settings

The billing and invoicing / hospitality API requires several terminal pieces of information from the web UI and requires setting up invoicing and email templates. Refer to how to configure Billing and InvoicingLink opens new windowfor more information on these processes.

Endpoint URLS

The billing and invoicing / hospitality API has a demo endpoint and a production endpoint available for use.

  • Demo:

This is the demo URL for testing the billing and invoicing / hospitality API integration.

  • Production:

This is the production URL for the billing and invoicing / hospitality API. Do not use this URL until your integration is ready to enter production.

Next Steps

After you get access to the Converge demo environment, you can begin developing with the API.

For more information on authenticating with the Elavon API Gateway, refer to Authentication.

For more information on the billing and invoicing requests and responses, refer to the Billing and Invoicing API Reference.

For more information on the hospitality requests and responses, refer to the Hospitality API Reference.