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Commerce SDK® accelerates your business’ ability to implement a secure EMV-compliant payment solution by combining Elavon’s global payment processing, EMV certification, and hardware support.

Commerce SDK allows your mobile-based and/or desktop-based Point-of-Sale (POS) solution to communicate with payment terminals and printers, as well as process payments through Elavon’s Converge payment gateway.


  • Commerce SDK is not intended for use on unattended transactions in the US or Canada.
  • iOS 9.x will no longer be supported starting with version 4.3.
  • Windows 7 will no longer be supported starting with a future release in 2020 due to the end of extended support.

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Commerce SDK Integration Process

The basic process to integrate your payment solution with Commerce SDK is as follows:

  1. Contact Elavon Sales (

    Elavon will assist you with the completion of the license agreement and with the request for a solution engineer.

  2. Select an Integration Method

    At this step, you as the integrator will determine the appropriate integration method to implement for the merchant’s payment solution.

  3. Receive the Software Developer Kit (SDK) from Your Solution Engineer

  4. Complete the Certification

  5. Go Live

Integration Methods

Commerce SDK supports the following integration methods, which you can use to develop your EMV-compliant payment solution:


  • Use the Demo endpoints when testing your Commerce SDK integrated page.
  • Only use Elavon-approved card numbers to test your integration. Refer to the Test Cards section for more information.
  • Replace the Demo endpoints with the Production endpoints when you finish testing your Commerce SDK integrated page.
  • The CWS application or service must be run as an administrator on the local machine to which the pinpad is connected.

Supported Hardware

We support several card readers and printer options.

Supported Transactions

This table summarizes the payment transactions that you can integrate into your application through Commerce SDK.

SaleObtains real-time authorization for an EMV, magnetic stripe, contactless or manual card entry transaction and enters the transaction into the Unsettled batch.
Pre-AuthObtains real-time authorization for an EMV, magnetic stripe or contactless transaction, guarantees the availability of fund on the card, and reduces the cardholder’s limit to buy for a pre-determined period (7 to 10 days depending on issuing bank). This transaction does not place the authorization in the Settlement batch.
Pre-Auth CompleteConverts a previously approved pre-authorization to a Sale transaction and places the transaction into the Open batch for settlement.
Auth Only ReversalDeletes and attempts a reversal on a previous pre-authorization transaction.
VoidRemoves a Sale, Stand Alone Refund or Force Sale transaction from the Open batch.
Linked RefundIssues a partial or full refund to the cardholder’s credit card or debit card.
Stand Alone RefundIssues a return to the cardholder’s credit card using the full credit card number.
Continue TransactionContinues transaction processing once Commerce SDK receives needed information.
Cancel TransactionCancels a transaction prior to authorization.
Transaction LookupSearches for previous Sale, Pre-Auth, Refund or Void transactions.

This table summarizes the processing options that can be added to transactions.

Processing OptionApplies ToDescription
Address Verification ServiceSale
Verifies the cardholder’s address data with the issuing bank to minimize fraudulent transactions.
Force SaleSaleProcesses a transaction using the voice authorization number provided by the creditor.
Adds a gratuity or tip amount to the transaction amount.
Manual Card EntrySale
Allows the terminal to encrypt the card data for manually entered card number and expiration date.
Merchant Transaction ReferenceSaleAssociates a reference ID with a transaction.
Partial ApprovalSale
Partially authorizes a transaction when the funds on the payment card cannot cover the entire transaction amount.
Pay with TokenSale
Processes a transaction using a token instead of card data.
Request TokenSale
Request the tokenization of the card number as part of the transaction.
Invoice NumberSaleAdds an invoice number to the transaction to track related transactions.

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