US Common Debit Screen Flow - Debit

  1. Card reader is ready for payment when the Welcome screen appears.

  2. Start a transaction.

  3. Card reader displays the Insert, Swipe or Tap Card screen.

  4. Insert a US debit card (MasterCard, Visa or Discover).

  5. Card reader displays the Select application screen for MasterCard or Visa.


    For Discover, a screen prompt is not displayed.

  6. Select the second option for Maestro or US Debit (Visa).

  7. Press the Green (Enter) button.

  8. Card reader displays Confirm app:(Option Selected in Step 6) screen.

  9. Press the Green (Enter) button.

  10. Card reader displays Amount OK? (Transaction Amount) screen.

  11. Press the Green (Enter) button.

  12. Enter a PIN.

    To bypass PIN entry, skip this step and proceed to step 13.

  13. Press the Green (Enter) button.

  14. Card reader displays Approved/Declined Transaction - Please Remove Card screen.