US Common Debit Screen Flow - Credit

  1. Card reader is ready for payment when the Welcome screen appears.

  2. Start a transaction.

  3. Card reader displays the Insert, Swipe or Tap Card screen.

  4. Insert a US debit card (MasterCard, Visa or Discover).

  5. Card reader displays the Select application screen for MasterCard or Visa.


    For Discover, a screen prompt is not displayed.

  6. Select the first option.

  7. Press the Green (Enter) button.

  8. Card reader displays Confirm app:(Option Selected in Step 6) screen.

  9. Press the Green (Enter) button.

  10. Card reader displays Amount OK? (Transaction Amount) screen.

  11. Press the Green (Enter) button.

  12. Card reader displays Approved/Declined Transaction - Please Remove Card screen.

    If the transaction is approved, prompt for signature capture appears on the integrator’s application.


    Draw signature on pinpad with attached stylus and tap OK.