Known Issues

Issue Description
iSC250 application confirmation screen defect The application confirmation screen for a debit payment on iSC250 device contains an unmarked, non-functional button between 2 valid options “yes”/”no”. It’s a cosmetic defect that doesn’t have any impact on the page functionality.
IP Connectivity / Device Status When using IP connectivity and connected to the card reader; unplugging the card reader (the power to card reader itself, or ethernet cable) outside of a transaction, device status will not detect the disconnect.
IP Connectivity For iOS, when using IP connectivity the card reader can get into an unusable state when the ethernet cable is unplugged from the device when in the middle of processing a transaction. If this occurs, reboot the card reader to get the device into a usable state.
IP Connectivity For iOS/Android, toggling WiFi may cause Commerce SDK to lose its connection to the card reader if the card reader uses secure IP connectivity. If this situation occurs, reboot the card reader and restart the app that uses Commerce SDK.
Card Read Freeze After running approximately 25 - 35 consecutive transactions over WiFi, Link/2500 freezes during a card read.

As a workaround, press and hold the # and Yellow buttons at the same to reboot the card reader. After the card reader reboots, Commerce SDK will reconnect and run the next transaction without interruption or freezing.

Interrupted UPP upgrade Keep application integrated with CSDK running in the foreground and keep mobile device from going to sleep during the update. Otherwise, the card reader might get disconnected and UPP update will not be completed. If this happens, UPP update will restart when a card reader connection is restored. If you encounter any issues due to the interrupted update, reboot your device and restart the application.